Communicating lights


Few nights ago , late at night I woke up all of a sudden , without any alarm and without any cause my eyes were open and I was thinking “what the hell “.

I drank a glass of water and I went to my window to look outside. to check on this world how it sleeps . This world was dreaming and sleeping without any knowledge of what’s happening outside.

What I saw was communication between two entities , between two lights , one artificial and another natural , it was some kind of display , really it was.

It was like they were looking at each other and were trying convey some kind of message to each other and it grabbed my attention . and this is what I saw .


Unclear Explosion


It looked like nuclear explosion from the distance , but I knew this generation is lucky enough to not to see nuclear war anytime soon , we really hope there is peace in this world amidst great unrest. but it did look like a nuclear explosion to me .

Or in my words I labeled it as an unclear explosion.


I saw the MIST


When everything looks so simple and easy , smile on the face and feels like nothing is going to get wrong, when life is bed of roses and things go smoothly as planned , why you still see the mist ?

I saw the mist amidst all , when life was smooth and simple , when it was tough and unbearable , when people left me all alone and new ones came in to join my force. I still saw the mist.

When I loved someone dearly and she left me , when I hated someone badly and they joined me, when I saw love in those who I thought were far off and when I saw no love, hate and ignorance in those who I loved so much and when they took no attention of me , I saw the mist.

Now I do not care what I see , a mist or no mist but what I do know its a tough life and no easy way , what I have learned that I have to live my life each day.

Yet I see the MIST.


Beauty from the WEST


Nature is so beautiful , beautiful than anything else on this planet and sometimes it gives amazing display of its beauty. when we see it we realize what a beautiful world we live in and we also realize what we have done and what are we doing to this beautiful world we live in.

Some days ago I came across this beauty from my roof top and  I could not stop myself from clicking it . it was after showers display in the evening when sun was about to rest in the west and around 7 pm I saw it from my window , I knew I had to grab my smartphone and run to the roof top , I could not have missed it , not this one from my eyes .

And here I had clicked it.