when time stops


There is a window right next to my room . I remember the first time I saw you walking by right next to my home , I was drinking morning coffee and was enjoying morning sun shine .

my daily routine ? yes it was.

I was ignorant not to have seen you all this while , I  was amazing and happy and when I saw you for the first time it was like a breath of fresh air in my life and was something new because I knew I will be awesome after this. I saw you everyday but I never spoke to you . you saw me I saw you and every single day . me at the window and you down on the streets , at the same time. no communication but we both knew there is some contact between you and me. the way we both looked at each other it was like two strangers but yet together .

you knew that I wanted to talk and you wanted the same but for some reason we let it go. may be we thought some day we will. some day , the day will come when we both will sit together and will have tea and biscuits and we chit chat for hours and will know each other better .

I bought a new wall clock for you , not to gift you but to put it on my wall , my time for you was different , different from this world , I wanted it to be my own . I started maintaining my schedule

I got it only to show that yes my time and your was important. I respected your time and you respected mine. I started setting up time on the wall clock by your schedule it was certainly different from rest of this world . it was silly of me doing so but in  a world where every one busy trying to make themselves smart , I think it was not a bad idea to be silly for a while . I outsmart in this department. I was happy and I was awesome.

And one day , you did not show up . one day everything changed.

I don’t know why

I don’t know why I felt like this. every thing was ok , this world was moving but it seemed like my world had stopped , I had seen you for so long , I guess I had become addicted to you and got habit of seeing you . now everything seemed different , everything looked abnormal , everything looked out of my reach , it was so for being away from you . yet I felt your presence on the street , that you are there.

I looked at the wall clock , it had stopped too . I realized time had not stopped for me but it had stopped for you . time had taught me never stop for anyone , keep on moving . one will come and will go but you should not wait for someone and keep on moving . don’t wait . its unhealthy.

your time to pass by my window was over. may be you had gone somewhere else . and it was someone else time to look at you . may be your and my time was gone . I don’t know but our time had stopped and so as the wall clock which I bought for you had also stopped.

I was fine with you and without you and I am fine without you.



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