Eyes on the wall


When I go to my bed after a long day at work, all I think about is my breadth. This is the only time when I can listen to my breadth. Breathe in and breathe out.this is the only time when I realise that I am actually a living human being, with Soul, flesh and blood. A living man with emotions, feelings and love.  A human who think and can act accordingly.

For  the rest of the day I am machine in and out. Working on deadlines. Meeting targets. Working in shifts with no specific time to return home.working to my seniors expectations. Working  on my loved on expectations. Just like a machine which works non stop without a pause, we all work day and out like this. Not knowing what’s happening right now, today and what’s going to happen tomorrow. Its a cycle without a pedal where we don’t know how,when and where to apply breaks.

My room or your room,  it’s one place where we find peace and can stay away from this crazy world of chaos. Hide away from everyone and in our own world where it’s only us and no one else.

Imagine, one day you are all alone in the room and suddenly you have this feeling of being watched by someone.  Not a person but some unknown invisible identity. You can’t see,you can’t touch it,you can’t smell it but you can feel it. Its a creepy feeling and you know when it’s creepy, it is creepy.

I talk to myself most of the time, when I am alone or isolated from rest of the world, I only talk ton myself. Because I know there is no one to share but you know you can share it yourself.  Its a good feeling when you try to communicate to yourself. And trust me,  your soul does respond to you.

But in the recent times it’s not my soul which has been communicating with me. Its someone else.someone who I dont know.  Someone who is not human.  Some unknown force. But I know something is there in the room with me. But who?

This question kept me on my feet for number of days. But one day at the least expected time and circumstances it showed.

And that’s when I saw “eyes in the wall”.