Stand Tall


Standing right next to my baby who is taller to me , makes me stand tall and makes feel more like a man and her more feminine.

Never ever a day when i thought about me being little short in height.

Or why i should even think about it ? is this even necessary ? i guess i have better things to think about.

Though i got an average height but somewhere down the line it makes me think ” what difference it makes in me being little short ? have i lost everything in life ? have i lost my motive , objective , my passion , my soul , my love , my life , everything ?

How cool it is for me think this way and putting myself under constant pressure that , oh ! i am little short , had i been little tall or good height , it could have been a different story all together.

These alas and sighs are of no use , and why crying over those things which are part of your life and your personality ,  i am to the world to what i am to myself , rest is null and void . it holds no importance for me being short , tall , black or white . whats more important is how i feel about myself.

It feels great when you love someone , it feels great to be in relationship and to be loved by someone. its  great to be a partner to somebody . when you share your everything with this one person. bed, food , shelter, love, hate , anger and emotions . everything . and when you stand next to this person , holding hands together , its a great feeling.

Usually a woman want her man to be a taller to her. but if does not happen , it becomes emotionally oriented decision. you have emotions strong for this person , short or tall you will stay with them.

We can live and can’t live without each other. but we both know that we want each other more than ever.

Tall or short are two sides of a coin. flip it either ways , if you are happy in your own skin then flipping a coin wont matter.