Distance to cover


Recently i came across an article which was about a man from india who travels about
250 km to do his duty.he drives a car and go all the way to do his job and
covers 200 plus kilometres.he also returns from his duty in the evening and
covers the same distance so in all he complete a stretch of 500 km. all in one
day. So you can imagine the time he spend on roads. He leaves his family about
5 hours prior to job so that he can reach in time. When he returns home most of
his family members go to sleep. So because of the distance he covers , his social
life , family life also gets affected . But as they say duty calls. So he does
his duty with utmost responsibility.

people wonder why So much sacrifice for one job which is so far from home? I do
not wish to travel this much even if I get paid heftily. I have life besides
work which is important to me and so as the case with everyone. But even then
sometimes we give more importance to work than life because we know
life can’t be without work. We can’t earn our living without a job. To survive
in this world we must move out of our home and sweat hard to help ourselves and
others. No one is going to help you for free and you can’t expect anyone to
come forward and support you as everyone is concern about worries and hardships
life brings to them.

I also
see people travel far distance to earn their living. Even though they hate
their job and do not wish to continue with their services because they don’t
want to cover far distance.but they have no choice and have no option but to
continue with their job and travel. What makes them do they don’t want
to do ? What makes them continue with something they don’t wish to do ? Why do
we see limited options for ourselves? Why do we limit ourselves to small things
and shy away from big changes?

This is
because we don’t wish to take risks and we do not want to leave our comfort
zone. We want things to be simple and not complicated. But those who take risks
often end up with something new while others don’t. People cover miles and
miles in search of something new and when we don’t find it we settle for

We cover
lot of distance for our duty but how far we can go? This is something which
only you can answer.