Catch my Moon


I know my friend is up there watching over me. He knows my every move, he knows what i am doing, he knows where i go and what i do. He is my friend , my best friend. People i loved left me, people i helped they never helped me back and left me stranded, those i thought were important to me never gave me any importance, they left me dead, they left me alone thinking i am gone.

But i never was. I was there breathing every air. Every breadth of air gave me energy. At day or night do not matter to me anymore because my friend moon was watching over me giving me hope, giving me joy and giving me was my friend moon who helped me when the path i walked on was dark.he helped me find a way out of this misery.he gave what no man ever gave me.

An authority to protect moon.yes this is my responsibility that i protect my moon at any cost,its my moon after all and its there for everyone tries to catch my moon thinking moon will protect them.they are ignorant,i feel sorry for them.but its ok atleast they can think that they can catch my moon.


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