A Mother’s Last Dance With Her Son

What would you do when you know that this is the last time you will ever see someone you loved the most ?

What would you do when you know that world will not be the same after today ?

What would you do when you know that there be no tears to shed from today once i am gone ?

What would you do when you know that the strength which held you strong this long is about to give up ?

What would you do when you know that time is short and you are running out of it ?

What would you do when you know that you wanted to live but god has different plans ?

Now you must know that life you live for yourself and for others is cherished not only by and also by all those you loved.


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A Mother’s Last Dance With Her Son

by Frank Somerville (Evening Anchor atKTVU)

“This is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. It’s also one of the most heartbreaking pictures I’ve ever seen, because of what happened just 72 hours later.”

Ryan Manning dancing with his mother

This is Ryan Manning dancing with his mother Mary Ann Manning at his wedding earlier this month.

He says simply: “It was very special.”

The reason it was so special is because three years ago Mary Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer. And in the past few months her condition got so bad that she was confined to a wheelchair.

But there was ONE thing she was determined to do. She was determined to dance with her son at his wedding.

And this is a picture of the two of them as they slowly swayed back and forth to the song, “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”

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Stay Prepared


Many times i have seen people giving up half way.i have seen people thinking that they can not do.doubts on your own capabilities and skills further make matter worse.even if there is a chance to improve we ignore the same and think that its a wastage of time.we say lot of things about others and wine about bad things happenning to us and good things which happened to others.

Here we fail to realize that its us who create our world and each and every action we do ,affects our future.people have fear of public speaking,they lack confidence while socializing with others,their relationships do not work,their job is at stake and then they cry all night and all day.yes its true that everyone has problems but its a wise thing to stay prepared for what we do not know or lets say be ready for unexpected.
If their no one to motivate you and inspire you,you make sure that you do it for urself.
Do not wait for anyone just do it.
Lets talk about how you do it.

1:- Stay Smart.
Visuals have more impact on human brain than texts.with visuals our brain can understand things rather quickly and effectively.so to dress up smartly is very important because this is the first thing what people will notice about you.if you look good and know how to be behave you will win over others with people.

2:-Stay Cool.
No matter what happens you should not loose your cool.under any given circumstancea stay calm and composed.if you stay cool not only you will analyze the situation properly but also can solve the problem.to get most out of your talent stay cool.

3:-Stay Magnificient.
Your over all personality speak volumes about you.if you are good looking but bad in communication skills you will surely loose among people.good looks is just not only about being good looking but also about being socially intelligent.how you speak,how you communicate,how you interact with people,do you have manners or not,how you eat,how you take care of things under demanding circumstances.everything counts.if you stay on top in most of the situations you will come out with flying colors.it will make you a magnificient personality.

4:-Wear your attitude.
Wherever you go don’t forget that you command respect.you have your identity,your own self respect and self esteem.you are important to people and valuable to them.you hold a special place in hearts of people who love you.

Remember,just be yourself and wear your attitude and stay original.do not fake and never try to become someone else.you will never be you then,you will be someone else.stay orginal.

Its important to stay who and what you are.no matter where you go,you will always be you.


Its Time


Time to wake up for those who are still sleeping. Time to stand for those who are still on their seats. Time to speak for those who are still mute. Time to sleep for those who have not slept for ages. Time to run for those who are still walking. Time to search for those who are still watching. Time to take actions for those who are still planning. Time to do something for those who are still not doing anything.

What people will do? have u ever thought about when we will change for good? not many people think about it that’s why most of us are like this. Have you ever imagined how much time we have wasted so far?

i have an experience in human observation. I have studied people with my own narrative. I have seen many people with different attitude and habbits. I have spoken to many people. I have eaten food with many different communities. No one is the same. Everyone is different. Every one has their own way of dealing with things. Everyone has different way of approaching to situations. I have my own methods. I have seen a lot in small life so far.  it has only made me a better human.


Catch my Moon


I know my friend is up there watching over me. He knows my every move, he knows what i am doing, he knows where i go and what i do. He is my friend , my best friend. People i loved left me, people i helped they never helped me back and left me stranded, those i thought were important to me never gave me any importance, they left me dead, they left me alone thinking i am gone.

But i never was. I was there breathing every air. Every breadth of air gave me energy. At day or night do not matter to me anymore because my friend moon was watching over me giving me hope, giving me joy and giving me life.it was my friend moon who helped me when the path i walked on was dark.he helped me find a way out of this misery.he gave what no man ever gave me.

An authority to protect moon.yes this is my responsibility that i protect my moon at any cost,its my moon after all and its there for me.now everyone tries to catch my moon thinking moon will protect them.they are ignorant,i feel sorry for them.but its ok atleast they can think that they can catch my moon.