The only Way

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A window or a Door. this is the only way out for me. In the dark i need to look for hope. i know i am running against time but i should not leave my patience. i know things will change someday for good. time never remains the same, it changes. if i need to survive and yet stay fit , i need to be productive and make use of my time. i look at the door which gives me hope and i know beyond this door lies my destiny. its my only purpose and i should not deviate from my path.because if i will i never have light in my life and i will be engulfed in darkness forever. i must make my way out.

There is a way beyond this door because i have hope.


Through the glass


When i was a child i had a dream , a dream to touch the sky , a dream to fly high. after 33 years now never got a chance to touch the sky but yes indeed i flew high. how ? in an airplane. every time when i am at the window seat i like to look at the clouds dreaming if i could fly like superman and touch those clouds with my own hands. but i am human not super human who can do what we can not do. so i reach the top of skyscrapers and try to touch the glass , it gives me feeling like i can fly yet land on surface safely.


I am Surface


You walk on me , make me dirty but i do not say a word. you hit me with hard weapons and break me into pieces but even then i do not cry. i give you platform to walk , a stable solid platform so that you place your feet firmly and do not loose your balance.

I am surface. i am responsible towards you and i am reliable , please do not hurt me , do not hit me. i am your strength and i am your friend. stay with me so that i stay with you.