Tears on Glass

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I cried , yes i cried when you were gone, i cried when i was alone. but i knew i had to move on with you or without you.i was ready for this day but i never have imagined it. i never wanted to as i was strong enough to turn the tide. i used to cry because i loved you so much , i still love you. but the problem is my cries gone unheard. i know you cry too because i can see your tears on my glass.


Anything from anything


You do not need to score best , you do not need to be a genius.

You can be anything from anywhere , all you need an eye to identify beauty.

And you will create Anything from anything.



Show me the way

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I know when sun sets you take control and makes me see what i can not see when sun is out.

I need you and you are my best friend , without me you have no purpose.

So shine for me.