second chancee

We ignore the fact sometimes that everyone deserves a second chance. you can not win or you can not be winner every time in the first go. it takes sweat , hours, days , months and sometimes years to become winner. but we do not realize this often that you can’t be winner or can not do justice to your potential unless you are provided with second chance. people who are talented and skilled and those who made big in their lives in respective professions have always got multiple chances and multiple options. they had choices to pick from , they had opportunities , they were provided with chances over and over again, they accepted their failures but they stood against the tide and became a winner.

Its not rocket science.

But we make it rocket science as we see and make comparison with successful people. when we see them scaling heights and think why not me, we become inferior and think we are not capable. we wish if we had given second chance. but its all in an attitude towards life.

Yes we all deserve second chance, because we know that we all have this universal excuse ” I am only human ”.

Give me a second chance, give him a chance he / she deserves.