An Evening Stretch

An Evening Stretch

Every evening i look at the stretch where i hope to see you but how unfortunate ,the train is just too fast for me to catch your shadow.


Stop Cartoon


This is one of the most famous word and its just so easy to say stop to anything and to anyone.but have we really understood a meaning of stop? as we go with our lives as usual we have forgotten the importance of this four letter word. we use it all the time but we do not really live by it and do not use it purposefully. we use stop when we should not use it and we do not use it when we should use it.

Lets see some usage of STOP.

when you see an evil use stop

when you see someone hungry and you want give a hungry some food do not use stop.

when you feel pain and feel sorrow and you see someone who tires to give you more pain and sorrow use stop

when you try to love some animal do not use stop.

when you see toxic people around you and they try to become your friend use stop.

when you see a man injured and you want to help him do not use stop.

when you try to crack a joke which will harm other’s sentiments use stop.

when you want to love someone and want to improve their lives with love do not use stop.

when you see crime and violence against women you must use stop.

when you want to love your woman and woman wants more do not use stop.


There are so many ways to use stop and not to use stop purposefully but we are so intelligent enough not to use it to in a proper way. its one of the most simple thing to do but even then we fail so bad in it.

We must use STOP to STOP and STOP to not to STOP.