Will you still love me when i am not young and beautiful

Love is an undying feeling. its an emotion which is most cherished after. human can do anything to be loved and to give love. love is just so beautiful. there is no other beautiful feeling than love. we die and we live for love. we go about doing anything in our daily lives to make money but the emotions and feelings which love can provide is unmatched. we are just so busy with our regular duties, we have no time to think about others , we don’t realized that others are also humans like us. they also want to be loved and want to have everything possible which we want to have. they are no different from us. but even then we fail to realize this small thing and we failed to provide love to them.

We can’t blame anyone for the actions we take , after all it affects all of us in a way.

A lovely charming young woman wants to have a word with man who is little older than her. he lives far away from her but the feeling is mutual. the only medium of communication is Skype as he lives far away from her. she works all day and wants to talk to him in the evening, she know that man must be waiting for her to talk to her, she leaves her work in a hurry and try everything possible she can to be with him.


Why there is an urgency ?

Its because the feeling is mutual , man and woman thinks alike and they both want to be together in the evening. this moment when both of them unites , its a time which is only for them and nothing else matters. nothing else counts when two people wants to be together , no matter how much is a distance and what country they live in or what language they speak in, its an emotion which is just so beautiful. which makes us complete , it makes a man complete with a woman he wants to be with and it also makes a woman complete she wants to be with.

But how its feel when either of them is not available to talk ?

It feels terrible as its an emotions which makes us feel wanted , it makes us feel loved, it makes us feel like we are important to someone and we are loved , liked and admired by someone. and when we don’t get this feeling and emotions in return , we feel unwanted.

Young woman reaches home only to find that man is busy with something and can’t give her his time. she only know how she managed to leave work early for him and traveled across roads and streets to catch glimpse of him and to talk to him because she gives him importance. her time is important to him and she does give this part of her life to him as she has emotions for him and so as the man himself. its a kind of emotion which makes her feel more wanted,loved and admired. and when she don’t get it from a man she gives importance to, it makes her feel upset.


Its nothing but an emotion and it feels great.

Its very difficult to find someone who loves till the end , till the last breath , till the last drop of blood. very tough and very rare to find someone who stays with his or her partner till the last call. on the flip side its easier to say that any one can do it and anyone can be a man or woman every man or woman wants but we don’t do it since we take it as one of the least important thing. but ironically this is indeed the most important thing in life. someone who got love knows how lucky he and she been and someone who has been deprived from love knows how unlucky and unfortunate they have been. every man and every woman in this world wants a partner , no matter how much they say that love is the last thing i want in my life as i am very busy making my career big and running after success. its alright to have aspirations and its alright to run after success. but we do all this at the cost of love. and somewhere down the line in our hearts we always regret this missing link.

Woman has always been aspired to have a man who can take care of her and her off springs. woman needs a man who is emotionally and physically strong , she can depend on and someone who is always there for her as pillar of support.


Also woman takes care of her looks little too much than man as they want to impress man with her beauty. one thing which comes to woman’s mind quite often is that will her man would love her till the end even when she is not young and beautiful ? its easy said than done since these days its very difficult to find someone who can love woman till the end, even when she is not young and beautiful. most of the men would part ways as men always want a beautiful young lady by his side. but this is such an ordinary approach and a regular one since these kind of men always end up doing what a real man should never do.

A real man , yes a real man would love his woman even when she is not young and beautiful and this is the time when she want him the most. man needs to be there with his woman at all times no matter what happen.

Love your woman like she never been loved before, embrace her , adore her and respect her. she needs you , be a real man for her.

Dheeraj Gautam ( Dolce )

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