prove it or not – You choose

prove it or not - You choose

Many times people have asked me if its alright to prove your credibility to someone. i say it depends on the situations and above all it depends on you , what , why and to who you choose to prove your credibility its all on you.

Answer these following questions before you choose to prove your credibility to someone.

q1:- Is it important to prove your credibility ?
q2:- Does the situation demands it ?
q3:- Does it gives you internal satisfaction ?
q4:- Does it earns you respect ?
q5:- Is it worthy enough for you to prove it to people ?
q6:- Why have you decided to prove ?

And there are many more . internal conflicts never ends. but proving yourself to someone is like investing time in demanding respect from people. its not worth it. try to be self sufficient and and upgrade yourself everyday. get new skills and do something which contributes to your personality.

Remember , its not what you do , its how you do can make all the difference.

— Dolce