The risk you take

This is something you are not born with.
This is something you learn with time in life.
Life teaches you lot of things , it teaches you take risk and it also teaches you how to deal with those risks.
What steps you can take and make things right in case the risk you took was not rewarding.
It also teaches you how to overcome tough times and helps you to turn yourself into a winner.
The choice is yours.
What you want to do with your life ?
The answer is with you.
You take risk , you don;t take risk.
Its your call.
Don’t worry about you lose or you win , its secondary and depends on the actions you take but sometimes things are out of your reach and out of your control, you can’t control everything.
So don’t worry about whats going to be an outcome.
Just do what you feel you should do.
Learn to take risk in life.