The Perfect

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The Perfect

Lips sealed but still says thousand words.
Eyes closed but still see only you.
My heart beats million times a day but it only beats for you.
I never wanted a perfect one since i am not perfect.
I never wanted most beautiful because i am not beautiful either.
I only wanted one in million.
I love you
I may say this thousand times A day but it has only one meaning that my heart mind body and soul loves you.
You are no perfect but i have always made you feel like you are the only one for me.
You are indeed the only one for me.
I swear to god i will die without you
I can not live without you.
I am not perfect and i don’t want you to be perfect.
I only want you to be someone who can make me feel that i am the only one.

I am something to someone i don’t know her name.
Please ! let me make you feel the same.