I am Strong

i got no food in the kitchen,my refrigerator is empty.
i survive on water
but believe me i can walk miles.
because i am strong

i am short in height and women don’t like me.
they want tall men.
for them tall men are the symbol of strength
and short men a signature of weakness.
but i don’t blame anyone.
i don’t blame you and don’t know who.
since its not going to solve any purpose.
i can still walk straight like any tall man.
i can do everything a tall would do.
i can be as strong as any tall men.
i am secondary to none.
because i am strong.

i have no millions in my pockets.
i have no flashy cars and huge bungalows.
but i have one smart mind and two strong hands.
believe me tomorrow i can make
millions and billions and trillions
because i am strong.

don’t count me out.
its a biggest mistake you would ever do.
you going regret tones.
believe me don’t mes with me.
i am wrong guy to throw a challenge to.
i may not win all the time
but believe me when i say this
”i will die trying and die fighting”
because i am strong