Be a Woman

i look myself in the mirror , i often think
i am the man to my woman.
but i only think like this
it does not really change the world for me.
because this is how my woman is.
my woman is my woman no matter how she is.
she is mine.
i loved her i love her and i will love her
the way she was the way she is and the way she will become
i have accepted her.
but i want her to be strong.
i want to be a woman to a man.
i am man enough to face this world
i want her to become a woman to face this world.
who can stand head high and can say
”yes you are my man”
believe me , no better inspiration than this.
i don’t want my woman to become a woman who needs a man.
i want her to be the woman a man needs.
i want her to be my woman.