I did’nt mean to fall in love but I did


I was alone and single and I was happy.  I had no one in life whom I had called special. I was young and free like a bird. I was independent and I was a rebellious. I had no time for anyone but I had time for myself. going to the gym , watching movies , listening to music , painting, making movies with my camcorder , photography all I had to live my life with. my life was such. ever seen a fish in the ocean don’t know where to go ,it just makes its own way to somewhere , create its own path, ends up where no one does, finds something new.

Have ever found something new ? something you had always dreamt about ? something which is the most precious to you ? something you can’t live without ?

Do these questions come across your mind often ?

”You don’t need someone to complete you , you only need someone to accept you completely”.

You have a good job , good money , you are successful , you have everything in the world you can aspire for . you have a great fan following, you have blogs and websites which reflects you. you have people who admire you and respect you and want to be like you , you have people who jealous you and want to pull you down and want to demotivate you all the time.

1044525_537677732934988_1324604319_n       ”If people are jealous of you , its good, since it means that you are growing , and they hate you for what you are and they don’t have what you have since they want to be like you”

You have flashy and swanky cars in the parking lot and you have digital gadgets to play with . you have everything you can think of .you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy life, you can still enjoy life in little.

But why you still want someone special in your life ,someone who is only for you , a person who should only be yours, whom you can call your own ?

Why it is so difficult to live without you ? why it is so tough breathe without you ? why I think of you all the time ? I should not may be . but I can’t help it , I love you , am I right or wrong ? I don’t know , all I know that I love you .

I want you to complete me or may be more than that I want you to accept me completely .

You love me , but why do you love me ? is there anything in me you can’t live without ? why do you find me the best in the world ? why you can’t stop thinking about me ? why I am in your dreams all the time ? why you can’t eat , breathe and sleep without me ? why you can resist my touch and want to celebrate your life with me ? why you want to live and die with me ?

Tell me why ?

Seriously I didn’t mean to fall in love with you , but I did . I did , I did because ,that’s how I wanted it to be.

”When someone truly cares about you they make effort not an excuse”

Tell me if I had ever made an excuse ? the excuses which you thought were an excuse , were not an excuse. it was my effort to bear pain today to make my and your life a better tomorrow. it was my effort to put smile on your face and me take all the pain and sweat hard to make you feel special and comfortable, it was my effort to make you understand that yes I love you , I really do. tell me when was the last time you found me fake ? do you have an answer to it ? no you don’t.


”Real love doesn’t care about body type, model looks or wallet size, its more concerned about what’s inside.”

Have I not accepted you as what you are ? have I ever cared about how you look , how short or tall your are ? how charming and ordinary you look ? how you dress or the way you walk ? have I ever cared about it ? or should I care ? should I judge you the way you look or the way you really are from inside ? have not I accepted your body as it appears ? it’s so beautiful. have i failed to make you feel sexy , beautiful and wanted ? have i failed to make love you ?

I know i have given everything into it , you don’t see yourself in the mirror as beautiful as much as i see you through my eyes.

”You are really charming and beautiful woman , you are indeed special , you are sexy and wanted , you are valued and important.”

I want you to understand your importance and want you to understand a person who loves you .

Love is a beautiful feeling. nothing beats the feeling of love . its just so lovely.

”Stay with the person who promises you nothing. But is willing to value you like no other.”
Stay with me , stay with me not because you are body beautiful but because i saw your beauty inside, stay with me not because you are charming but because you have smile to die for, stay with me not because you are tall or short but because you make me feel like a man i always want to be, stay with me not because you are my queen but because you make me feel like a king. stay with me not because you are my woman but because you make me feel like a man, stay with me not because i am your man but because you are my woman and stay with me not because i want you but because i need you because i love you .
Baby, you hurt me more than i deserve , how can you be so cruel ? i love you more than you deserve , why am i such a fool ?
Tell me baby , tell me .
I Will go out of your life, if you Can promise Me That.. Somebody will take care of you more than me.. —♥
-Dheeraj Gautam