Morning Sun

Morning sun

Every night you dream of something , but you wake up next morning you don’t seem to remember what you had dreamt about. but you do have faint clue of the dream you had last night . may be you went to bed thinking about something , may be there was something in your mind, something related to job , your family , your emotions , your relationships , the car you want the most but you can’t buy it , the place you want to visit but can’t go since you have no leaves or less money , the job you hate the most and the one you love ,you can’t have it  because you are not qualified enough for it. there are millions of reason you can count on when you go to bed thinking about. you think about it all the time , you can’t sleep till late at night and when you close your eyes finally , you dream about it. the next morning you wake only to know that yes you had a dream about what is going around you . but you don’t seem to remember everything. you leave home for morning walk and see the sun , its a new day , new beginning , a new week but you are still living in the same moment you had last night. you don’t seem to get it out of your mind. you start thinking that your day will be just like yesterday , there is nothing new about it today , oh god ! what should I do about it.

If this is how you think when you go through an ordeal …………………………………………………………………………………….

Look at the morning sun.

Morning sun in the morning is not just another sun another day . its a new hope , a new beginning , a new ambition, a new way to look at things and a new attitude. you need to change your attitude and you can’t carry what you had tomorrow in your new today. its a new day and its important that you start afresh and make it count towards whatever you desire. be it anything , let it not go in waste. look at the morning sun ,its your friend. its shining for you all the time ,it gives you its light so that you don’t feel darkness and low or feel like you are trapped somewhere. every time when we see light as we come out of darkness it always gives us a new hope , it motivates us and aspires us and it also instill energy in us to go for the kill , come what may , never loose hope , look at the morning sun.

Morning sun 2

I took these photographs today in the morning when I had returned from the exercise. its one of the way start your day and keep your self fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I went on my roof top to enjoy the fresh air from the east, birds chirping , blue sky and drinking tea in the morning had filled me with lot of energy , I was ready to go , I was ready to start my day with new found motivation , with new aspiration to make my day count and make my life valuable , I am human and not just any other human , I am a kind of human who has raw steel determination and ruthless courage to go all the way and to go for the kill. a never say die spirit ,not give up come what may. I am not alone in this world who want to get killed while he still fights till the end. I am not the only one blessed and special or god gifted talent , there are plenty like me and better than me . I admire them , I aspire to be one of them, they are some who motivates me , they are some who encourages me but even then I should not count myself out of the race or count myself second to anyone because I am not. I am human and sun is my friend , it motivates me every time I look at it just like the way I see the moon at night which also is my friend and motivates me and helps me find my way in the darkness. its always there for me.

Make Sun and Moon your best friend.  they will always be there for you , you will find them on top of you making you shine be it night or day .

When they shine , you shine too . so when you both shine together ,its aura is unmatchable. you are unique and you are a new hope to yourself. give this new found hope to yourself as a gift and use to make you life a better and this world a better place to live .