From Afghanistan with Love


I was with my girlfriend at the café , today I had to crack a news to her . I was scared to how she would react , but I was prepared and I was ready. i only had to take a deep breath , it was just so simple but i realized that it was not as simple as i thought it would be. she was waiting for something in anticipation and i knew that she was hoping for something to happen , we were looking deep into each other’s eyes, we drank our coffee together and ate chocolates. we had been together for the past four years now and we were planning for wedding and we both had great ideas, we had enjoyed an amazing sex life and she had a good job and we both were happy but all this was about to get changed. i had to tell her ,either tonight , right now or never . she will come to know about it anyway tomorrow .so why not right now ?. after a deep breath i cracked the news.


I said ” Honey i love you but my baby i have to go far away from you , i am deployed to Afghanistan for sometime , i don’t know for how long but i am hoping it won’t be long . ”

I stopped and i looked deep into her eyes , trying to read what she might be thinking at that moment , i saw her leaning back and not saying anything , she was only gazing at me , like i had cheated on her or she was expecting this to happen .

She said ” ok ” !

Just ok , why only ok ? are you ok me going far away from you ?

I held her hands in my arms and sat close to her and rested her head on my chest like a baby . i knew she was about to cry and her eyes were about to go wet. i was leaving her behind with no guarantee to return. i had no clue if i will ever see her again or i will ever return from Afghanistan. after a while as expected she started crying and she held me tight , she knew that tonight was the last night together and we were about to get separated. from tomorrow i will not be with her and she will be alone without me. she will read my letters and look at our pictures which we had clicked till today and the emails we shared and videos we made together.  i wanted every second of my life with her and these last moments before departure were like last of my life. i had to be with her at any cost ,at any cost.


I was a marine in US Army . This was my first ever deployment to ground zero after training. i was only 27 years old and high in spirit and motivated. i was ready for my country . when i got this news that i am going to Afghanistan i knew i had to leave everything behind ,everything which i love had to be here at my home and i had to go away from my comfort zone to go into the zone which was deadly with one way ticket. i had to accept it , after all for a marine country comes first. it was my home and i had fight for my home , so i was ready for it . i was brave and strong and i was ready , i was ready .

The day came when i had to fly to Afghanistan , after saying good byes to my family i left for the airport , as expected i saw my woman , my lovely girlfriend at the terminal . like it was the only thing i wanted before flying , a warm hug from my baby , a kiss from my baby , her saying me ‘ i love you ‘ was the only thing i ever wanted to hear . i grabbed her in my arms and held her tight only to give her warm kiss. she was my baby , my woman , my only ever woman i ever loved so much.

She gave me a kiss and said ” you are my hero and will always be mine , no matter what , i am with you and you need to return for me”.

I said ” yes my baby , i will return for you , i promise ”.

She said ” you promise ” , seriously ?

I said ” yes ,seriously ”

She smiled and we kissed again . it was time for me to leave her and had to enter the terminal , in an hour my flight to Afghanistan had to leave. i had to go . i looked into her eyes but said nothing , i turned around and enter the terminal , i knew she was watching me going away slowly and slowly , away from her , i knew her eyes were wet , i knew that my eyes were wet too, but i never wanted to show her my emotions , i was a strong man and she had only seen me strong not weak , she had never saw me crying but today i was crying but i had to hide my wet eyes from her , i had to stay strong and stay committed to my country , the choice which i had to make , i had to choose my country first then everything else.

I was deployed to Afghanistan.

Six months later  war happened.


Till now i had not heard anything from my baby , my girlfriend . i had no idea how she was , i wrote many letters to her and sent her emails but i got no response. but i had to focus on my duty , a duty towards my nation. i forgot all about her and fought bravely , i lost many friends in the battle as we fought all possible threats in Afghanistan. it was hell , or even scarier than hell. during one ambush i got three bullet wounds on my chest . it was pain like i had never experienced before. i was dying . i had few breaths left and i was only thinking about my baby . i knew death had to come sooner or later , i knew my baby will get the news sooner or later so she had to be ready for it. i was hoping that she will be fine after sometime and time will heal her wounds. but my wounds had to get healed now or i was dead. i never wanted this  happen to me.

I was rescued by my fellow marines and was treated at the camps and i had survived the bullet wounds. i was not dead, i was alive but i was advised not to take part in further missions due to my injury but i was not allowed to go home either , i was preserved as a back up . i was ready for any challenge put across me , the only regret was that i was away from my woman .

One day i was eating my lunch at the camp, i got a letter from a post man . it was a letter from my woman , my girlfriend. i was amazed to see it and i was just so happy , it was like an inspiration or motivation or strength or power ,whatever you want to call it , it was like that. i left my lunch in the middle and i had to open it to read. i went inside my cabin and took a deep breath. it was a first ever letter from my girlfriend after a year of my deployment. i opened it and i read.


”Dear Michael , i know you loved me and i loved you too. you are the most handsome man i ever dated and i always wanted to be with you. you were my everything till you went to Afghanistan . i was not ready for this baby . in your absence i had sex with two guys and i am dating one of the guys now. the relationship i had with you is too much for me , i know you are strong and one of a kind man but i am an ordinary woman and i want ordinary life. i have to leave you . above all i am also scared of the society , what if you loose a limb in the battle and become handicapped ? it will be uncomfortable for me to go around with you like that. i knew i am been rude to you but i also want you to understand that i have a life without you also and i want to keep it safe . so i want to end it now. i can’t wait for you any longer and i want to continue with my life. i hope you will return safe and will find another woman who will accept you as what you are or you will become. one last thing i want you to return all my pictures back which you are carrying , i want those back, as we officially break up today.”

I was a brave man and was ready, prepared for anything. but i was not ready for this . i was shocked , completely shocked, i had promised her that i will return to her ,  but she could not wait for me . it was not time for me to cry , it was not time for me to be upset and sad, it was time for me to move on. i am strong man mentally and emotionally and i am a marine , i had to be tough . i accepted it and decided to take an action. she took hers now it was time for me to take mine . i stood up and came out of my cabin , met my buddies and gathered all the pictures i could find of unwanted woman . i collected about 24 of them , 24 pictures of women with clothes without clothes and mailed all those back to her with a note

” I don’t know which is yours and i don’t remember which one you are , please remove your picture and send the rest back.”


I don’t know why i became like that and i don’t know why she changed, i don’t know if i was correct in my approach or wrong.  but i had to take my action . i had to take my step. she was a woman who i loved so much , she was the one who i thought was for me only for me and i was to her , but she changed and she changed completely . she could not fought for me and i was here fighting for my life for her so that i could return to her alive . i also thought she did not deserve me , all kind of things were running in my mind , may be i was not thinking right or may be i was wrong , i don’t know but i had to take my stand so i took it , now i don’t know how much i loved her then but now i love her even more  because i know i had to be with her when she wanted me the most and i was not with her in those hour’s. i don’t blame her for anything since blaming will not work . i only blame myself for leaving her alone at the airport and not to turn back , not to show my emotions and my love and care to her , my eyes were wet , yes they were but i wanted her to be strong ,so i had to hide my wet eyes from her.

I did’nt mean to fall in love but I did


I was alone and single and I was happy.  I had no one in life whom I had called special. I was young and free like a bird. I was independent and I was a rebellious. I had no time for anyone but I had time for myself. going to the gym , watching movies , listening to music , painting, making movies with my camcorder , photography all I had to live my life with. my life was such. ever seen a fish in the ocean don’t know where to go ,it just makes its own way to somewhere , create its own path, ends up where no one does, finds something new.

Have ever found something new ? something you had always dreamt about ? something which is the most precious to you ? something you can’t live without ?

Do these questions come across your mind often ?

”You don’t need someone to complete you , you only need someone to accept you completely”.

You have a good job , good money , you are successful , you have everything in the world you can aspire for . you have a great fan following, you have blogs and websites which reflects you. you have people who admire you and respect you and want to be like you , you have people who jealous you and want to pull you down and want to demotivate you all the time.

1044525_537677732934988_1324604319_n       ”If people are jealous of you , its good, since it means that you are growing , and they hate you for what you are and they don’t have what you have since they want to be like you”

You have flashy and swanky cars in the parking lot and you have digital gadgets to play with . you have everything you can think of .you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy life, you can still enjoy life in little.

But why you still want someone special in your life ,someone who is only for you , a person who should only be yours, whom you can call your own ?

Why it is so difficult to live without you ? why it is so tough breathe without you ? why I think of you all the time ? I should not may be . but I can’t help it , I love you , am I right or wrong ? I don’t know , all I know that I love you .

I want you to complete me or may be more than that I want you to accept me completely .

You love me , but why do you love me ? is there anything in me you can’t live without ? why do you find me the best in the world ? why you can’t stop thinking about me ? why I am in your dreams all the time ? why you can’t eat , breathe and sleep without me ? why you can resist my touch and want to celebrate your life with me ? why you want to live and die with me ?

Tell me why ?

Seriously I didn’t mean to fall in love with you , but I did . I did , I did because ,that’s how I wanted it to be.

”When someone truly cares about you they make effort not an excuse”

Tell me if I had ever made an excuse ? the excuses which you thought were an excuse , were not an excuse. it was my effort to bear pain today to make my and your life a better tomorrow. it was my effort to put smile on your face and me take all the pain and sweat hard to make you feel special and comfortable, it was my effort to make you understand that yes I love you , I really do. tell me when was the last time you found me fake ? do you have an answer to it ? no you don’t.


”Real love doesn’t care about body type, model looks or wallet size, its more concerned about what’s inside.”

Have I not accepted you as what you are ? have I ever cared about how you look , how short or tall your are ? how charming and ordinary you look ? how you dress or the way you walk ? have I ever cared about it ? or should I care ? should I judge you the way you look or the way you really are from inside ? have not I accepted your body as it appears ? it’s so beautiful. have i failed to make you feel sexy , beautiful and wanted ? have i failed to make love you ?

I know i have given everything into it , you don’t see yourself in the mirror as beautiful as much as i see you through my eyes.

”You are really charming and beautiful woman , you are indeed special , you are sexy and wanted , you are valued and important.”

I want you to understand your importance and want you to understand a person who loves you .

Love is a beautiful feeling. nothing beats the feeling of love . its just so lovely.

”Stay with the person who promises you nothing. But is willing to value you like no other.”
Stay with me , stay with me not because you are body beautiful but because i saw your beauty inside, stay with me not because you are charming but because you have smile to die for, stay with me not because you are tall or short but because you make me feel like a man i always want to be, stay with me not because you are my queen but because you make me feel like a king. stay with me not because you are my woman but because you make me feel like a man, stay with me not because i am your man but because you are my woman and stay with me not because i want you but because i need you because i love you .
Baby, you hurt me more than i deserve , how can you be so cruel ? i love you more than you deserve , why am i such a fool ?
Tell me baby , tell me .
I Will go out of your life, if you Can promise Me That.. Somebody will take care of you more than me.. —♥
-Dheeraj Gautam

Matter of Few inches


Big things comes in small packages.

Big things have small beginnings.

Small men with big hearts.

”some of the famous proverbs”

Scenario one :- A beautiful couple , smiling faces , in love with each other , holds hands together , can’t take their eyes off each other. seems like a perfect match. the only difference is that a guy is little short than a woman. but still they are happy . they are in love , love is a beautiful feeling. love is something each one of us want more than anything in life. yet its the most deprived emotion. a couple with height difference still lives with everything. they are together for a long time now , don’t care about what this world has to say. they don’t care about the society , its people. they are just into each other . they don’t live their lives for themselves but they live for each other. height is height , some bones grow some don’t . its alright to be shorter for a man from a woman and its also alright for a woman to be taller from a man. yes every woman wants her man to be taller than her and stronger than her . but its always good to ignore what the appearance has to say than what the man really is. what he is from inside speaks volumes about him , not how short he is. couple in love who don’t care about the height difference is happy. they go out together holding hands for shopping. they socialize with people and take pride in each other being together in spite of height difference. they enjoy time together and their company and always be together come what may , it don’t matter to them who is tall and who is short. they care for each other and sets an example that they are together come what may.

shortmen        Here its important to note that man and woman both have no problems with height difference. they see a person and value each other. they understand that what a man and woman has given into each other and the time they have spent till now is important and its someone’s life which has gone by and the time gone can’t be return. so they value each other ‘s time , they feel proud of each other and feel important and feel like there is someone who cares for them and loves them and want to be with them.

Scenario two :- A beautiful couple , smiling faces , in love with each other, don’t holds hands together , they can’t take their eyes off each other but don’t feel comfortable. man is shorter than woman but still they are together. they are into each other but they don’t socialize and go out like a couple . they feel bad since woman is taller to man , man feels guilty that why he is shorter to woman , woman feels the same and it ruins everything. they wish if someone was shorter and someone was taller. but its not to be , its different for them since their mindset is a home to insecurities. they feel ashamed of each other and think they should never be together. since man is short he feels inadequate , woman wants to feel weak but she thinks that she is stronger to her man since he is shorter to her. they don’t go out together and don’t see friends since they think that they will make fun of them since there is a height difference.

Here its important to not that both man and woman feels uncomfortable due to height difference.

So what’s with the height ?

Height has always played an important role in mating. woman has always wanted her man to be taller and stronger to her. she has always desired for a man who is physically strong , macho , handsome and stands out of the crowd. a man who has the ability to stop the show. who has the ability to turn the tide , confident man has always been a dream for a woman , An alpha man.

So does it mean that a short man has no chance to stand ?

Its all in the attitude. a short man can not be short if he stands for himself and shows that he is more than just being short. its a different story all together for a man who is short not only from other man but also from woman. there is absolutely no reason why a small man think he is small and why he should not think that he is big in many ways.

imagesEver loved a woman who is taller to you ?

You love someone , you stay with her at all times. you want to make her happy , make her happy with your other traits. you got so much into you than just being a short man. its only a matter of few inches. only few inches from how tall she is from you and how short you are from her. stay confident and stay optimistic at all times. take pride in what you are and what you have achieved. its not easy to love a woman who is taller to you since you lack basic thing which is height and this is what she will see first but if you have traits which will make her overlook your short height , you are in the game.

Confidence is the key . high spirits and never say die attitude. love your woman , she needs you. she wants you . even if she leaves you or say ten things to you because of your short height , you said you love her ,you show you love her , don’t just say that you love her . there are million others who find it easy to say I love you but tough to do , a man who can show what he say is the man who is a man in real. a real man always stays with his woman and stays by her side, in hard times and in good times, he never leaves hope. she is a woman , she still loves you but don’t want to be with you because you are short in height ? don’t loose heart , you are strong enough to fight all this , you have fought all this long , you have gone through all the pain and told her nothing about it only to make her feel important and valued. yes you are short its real but its only a matter of few inches , you both love each other , height should not be a parameter to judge someone in person. value what a person has sacrificed for you , he/she has given you his / her time. part of his/ her life which can not be return. value it ,don’t make each other regret that it was a time wasted , take it as an investment, it always have fruitful results provided both feel comfortable with each other heights.

jfa2203l          Insecurities are the biggest enemies you can have. every one has insecurities and we try to hide those in our own ways , you love your woman who is taller to you and she has insecurities ? support her , instead of walking away from her , you stick to her and stay with her to give your shoulder. this is the time when she needs you the most , this the time she needs your shoulder when she cry, she needs you to comfort her and want that emotional touch which you have always been providing all this time. inspire her , motivate her , you are her stronghold , protect her , so what you are shorter to her , you are her man ,its your duty to protect your woman and above all love her. she wants love , you are near or far ,won’t matter , you love her since she loves you too . no matter how cold she becomes in her attitude and how much she blames you for your short height you stay with your woman. you loved her right ? so you standby her . don’t be cold her since she is cold to you. understand how she is thinking and how she is feeling. once you will understand her psyche you will know how to deal with it. don’t blame her for what she is doing ? she is been practical but you too become practical to her and show her that you still love her in real life as the way you loved her then. its important for a woman to feel loved. either way by any means show it to her.

Step up and stay confident , life is more than just being short in height , there are so many ways a short man can be big , there are so many ways to show that you are something and you have traits and qualities which can easily over shadow your height. you do anything , stay confident . you love your woman , stay confident , positive and hopeful that someday things will be alright. if you are destined to be together, you will still be together no matter what happens.

You stay strong and give what is the best emotions in this world and its love , love your woman like never before , she is short or tall ,its only bones and few inches difference.

Are you strong enough to do it ? do it today and do it now . you will have love all your life.

”But you don’t know about it”


The pain is immense and its unmatched and you don’t know about it.

I have sacrificed so much and took  a pill of hope but you don’t know about it.

I walked alone for you only to see you nowhere but I still kept on trying to see you one more time and you don’t know about it.

You say its all over , I say its not over till its over. I fight on for the best and still believe it will be the best, but you don’t know about it.

You did not turn around to see how much I have bled but I only had shown you my smiling face, how painful its been for me ,you don’t know about it.

The desert is empty and there is so sign of hope , I look at an empty well to find water , there nothing but sand but I hope to find water underneath and hope to survive for one last time as I hope to live again for you ,but you don’t know about it.

Why you turned cold , I asked myself . what really had happened I asked myself . am I right or wrong ? I asked myself. But I don’t seems to get an answer. I asked you so many times ,but you don’t know about it.

You turned cold and showed me cold shoulder ,you thought its all over but it was not for me , it was a beginning for something new , but you don’t know about it.

I walked miles for you , I walked bare foot for you , I did not drink and had no food so that I can save some food for you but you found me selfish and called me insane ,but how much I valued you , you don’t know about it.

Its painful to see this world turn cold shoulder but its even more painful to see you turned cold shoulder. I never expected this from you but you did not see my love for you , I kept on trying and fought hard enough to show how much I loved you , but you don’t know about it.

I love you the way I loved you then , I still care for you the way I cared for you then , you still exist in my heart and stays there like forever , but you don’t know about it.

I know you suffered too but that’s the path you had chosen , I was with you in your support , but confused and asking why ? you did not answer , even then I walked alone without you , but you don’t know about it.

Don’t blame me for what I don’t have , don’t blame me for what I am not , blame me for what I could have done but I couldn’t do , blame me if something I had done wrong to you , I always wanted you to see the real man inside but you choose the outside, you broke my heart but you don’t know about it.

Do you know that I am still with you , every single step , every single breath , every drop of blood is for you . but you don’t know about it.

You fought for me enough , I wish if you had fought a little more for me , today could have been a different story.

This man is still alive and will fight till the end with last droplet , I wish you see a man someday and realize how much he adored you, but you don’t know about it.

Edward Snowden ” A victicm to an Electronic Age ”


In the age of electronic media where nothing seems to work without internet and gadgets become an air to breathe, secrecy or privacy takes a back seat as everything goes online without even anyone’s knowledge. I use Facebook religiously and so as my friends and as over 750 million use Facebook regularly its motive and purpose is under scanner. you don’t need to be a genius to understand that why Facebook and Microsoft have been held responsible for providing stupendous access to USA secret services like CIA, FBI AND NSA. its not only Facebook and Microsoft under scanner now but services like Skype , Google , LinkedIn have also been convicted for providing user data to secret services.

USA been spying on Americans its known but its not surprising when I came to know that USA spying has gone beyond USA and its spying on the world. I was not surprised at all when I saw Monday morning newspaper and it was all over the place at the front page . USA been seen as a world power and yes its a world power there is no down about it. but what USA is doing is a clear violation of human rights and this is not right.

What we do ?

Take a look at this.

Every update you make on Facebook.

Every picture you upload on social networking sites.

You update your status , where you are ,where you working , what are you doing now and what will you do tomorrow.

Every comment you make ? Every like – dislikes you do , Every support to give and every twit you make.

Every communication you do on Skype or Yahoo or on Msn messenger .

They are watching you and they are spying on you. they know your each and every move and they are prepared for it and they are still preparing for tomorrow. everything you do online become someone else property and it never remains your own. you are giving an access to others around the globe and its no longer yours as it does not have any protection. it goes to the server and from there it can be accessed by its providers and they can fetch any data they want about you. your date of birth , your occupation, your hobbies , your likes and dislikes, your aspiration, what kind of music you listen and what kind of movies you watch , what kind of books you read, do you like travelling , what places you want to do and what kind of people you would like to meet , what kind of person you are , all these questions you answer online and can let the experts know about you a lot. a common man will not even notice about it and his / her life been out in the open for the Secret Services to use.

Smart phones are very good examples of the technology tool which can be used against its user. its a weapon of mass destruction in a way . you are carrying a weapon which Secret Services can use to track you down with GPS system. we do everything with our smartphones on the move these days. we take pictures and upload them online , we use it for internet banking and for chatting and emails. every possible thing we can think of we do it with our smartphones. don’t forget that everything you do with your smartphones can be accessed by experts anywhere and anytime. there are people who you don’t even know and they don’t come into limelight since there job is so secret that they are not authorized to share it with the world. what they do ? they spy on you. they keep track of you , they know your every move and the move you want to take or wish to take , they know it and you can’t hide.

Its a scary situation these days . this world has become very scary indeed. hey ! why and how I am talking like this. to know all this you don’t have to be a genius . its a common sense . keep your eyes and mind open and stay alert to know about what’s going on around you . you will know.

Edward Snowden.

This man is making news these days and he is in Hong Kong as I write this post , he may leave Hong Kong soon , he may not leave or he may seek for political asylum ,what’s going on in his mind ,only he knows. but he is in the news , why ?

Lets talk about him a little.

Edward Snowden is a former CIA technical worker who leaked sensitive information about the USA secret surveillance program.

Snowden is 29 years old, master of computers, he was living with his girlfriend in Hawaii before flying to Hong Kong where he reportedly staying in a hotel but now its believed that he checked out from the hotel and his whereabouts are not known.

Explaining why he decided to leave the US, he told the Guardian: “I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things… I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded.”


He described himself as an average student , he studied computers at the Maryland community college to obtain a high school diploma however he never finished the course.

In 2003 he joined the US army and began training with special forces only to get discharged later after he broke his legs in a training accidents.

His first job with the NSA was as a security guard for one of the agency’s secret facilities at the University of Maryland. He then worked on IT security at the CIA.

Despite his lack of formal qualifications, his computer wizardry allowed him to quickly rise through intelligence ranks.

By 2007, he was given a CIA post with diplomatic cover in Geneva.

In Snowden’s words “Much of what I saw in Geneva really disillusioned me about how my government functions and what its impact is in the world. I realized that I was part of something that was doing far more harm than good.”

He left the CIA in 2009 and began working at the NSA as an employee of various outside contractors, including consulting giant Booz Allen.

“News reports that this individual has claimed to have leaked classified information are shocking, and if accurate, this action represents a grave violation of the code of conduct and core values of our firm, it said.

He was formally sacked on 11 June.

Snowden was on a salary of $122,000 according to a statement from his employer.

He and his girlfriend moved out of their home in Waipahu, West Oahu, Hawaii, on 1 May, estate agents said, leaving nothing behind.

A neighbour told ABC that the couple usually kept the blinds and doors closed and “didn’t really talk to anyone at all around here”.

His girlfriend, whose personal blog includes photos of her pole dancing, has said her partner’s sudden disappearance caught her by surprise.

“My world has opened and closed all at once,” Lindsay Mills wrote. “Leaving me lost at sea without a compass.”

How surveillance came to light

  • 5 June: The Guardian reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting the telephone records of millions of US customers of Verizon under a top secret court order.
  • 6 June: The Guardian and The Washington Post report that the NSA and the FBI are tapping into US Internet companies to track online communication in a programme known as Prism.
  • 7 June: The Guardian reports President Obama has asked intelligence agencies to draw up a list of potential overseas targets for US cyber-attacks.
  • 7 June: President Obama defends the programmes, saying they are closely overseen by Congress and the courts.
  • 8 June: US director of national intelligence James Clapper calls the leaks “literally gut-wrenching”.
  • 9 June: The Guardian names former CIA technical worker Edward Snowden as the source of the leaks.

PRISM (surveillance program) PRISM_logo_(PNG)

Prism is national security electronic surveillance program operated by UNITED STATES NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY ( NSA) since 2007

PRISM is a government codename  for a data collection effort known officially as US-984XN.

Response from companies to PRISM

  • Microsoft: “We provide customer data only when we receive a legally binding order or subpoena to do so, and never on a voluntary basis. In addition we only ever comply with orders for requests about specific accounts or identifiers. If the government has a broader voluntary national security program to gather customer data we don’t participate in it.”
  • Yahoo!: “Yahoo! takes users’ privacy very seriously. We do not provide the government with direct access to our servers, systems, or network.”
  • Facebook: “We do not provide any government organization with direct access to Facebook servers. When Facebook is asked for data or information about specific individuals, we carefully scrutinize any such request for compliance with all applicable laws, and provide information only to the extent required by law.”
  • Google: “Google cares deeply about the security of our users’ data. We disclose user data to government in accordance with the law, and we review all such requests carefully. From time to time, people allege that we have created a government ‘back door’ into our systems, but Google does not have a backdoor for the government to access private user data.”
  • Apple: “We have never heard of PRISM. We do not provide any government agency with direct access to our servers, and any government agency requesting customer data must get a court order.”
  • Dropbox: “We’ve seen reports that Dropbox might be asked to participate in a government program called PRISM. We are not part of any such program and remain committed to protecting our users’ privacy.”

Study the Images below to learn more about Prism Program


Details of information collected via PRISM


Slide showing that much of the world’s communications flow through the US


Slide listing companies and the date that they joined PRISM


Slide showing two different sources of NSA data collection. The first source the fiber optic cables of the internet handled by the Upstream program and the second source the servers of major internet companies handled by PRISM.

This is not new story and not strange to USA as it has happened in the past also when Bob Lazar former worker at infamous Area-51 claimed that USA government had an access to Aliens Spaceship and they were working on reverse engineering. Julian Assange also came into light saying that USA been keeping tracks and records of people around the world through its spying program.

Lets not play the blame game here . lets not say who is responsible and who is not. USA though defends its spying program and Obama Administration is in full support to PRISM.

But think about this ” Are we not culprit to what’s happening around us than being a victim” ?

Ask these questions to yourself.

Why these spying programs ever required ?

Why there are surveillance on people ,on political structures , social developments and reforms.

Why there is a discrimination between back and white and the color decides your identity as you are good or bad ?

There are plenty more questions like these but unfortunately we don’t wish to answer even if we know it and decides to keep mum.

What this world has become and how its going to be like tomorrow is anyone’s guess but is it not in our hands ?

Whose hands its going to be in ?