Life is a Gift


I am human and i must say that i am proud of it. why  i should say something like that ,its because being human there is so much  i can do which none of the species can do on this planet earth.when we talk about human we are exceptional and gifted with so much that if we are asked to write a book on what we can do in our lifetime ,i think its going to take lifetime.when not human ,i don’t know what rest of the species crave about.may be they don’t think like this the way we think about them.may be they don’t feel the way we feel about them but yes they do see ,they got eyes and those eyes can see what humans do.may be then they think about being human,they think if they could have been human.

You know what, i tell you something ,its very simple to follow ,humans are the smartest species on this earth,there is life on rest of the planets similar to our which is like galaxies away but we have yet to make contact with we can safely say that as far as we know we humans on this planet are the most intelligent species which can do anything they want.we invented so much , we created , we developed , we discovered and we are still in the process of doing it since humans are unstoppable ,this species can’t be stop,we will continue to grow and we will continue to do harm ,good to our planet earth since we will never stop.its a never ending process and only something out of this planet ,some other species which don’t belong to our planet can only stop us from doing what we are doing now or in the process.


Ok so considering the fact that being human is the smartest choice.

I have seen people crying over in their life. people crib about the choices they make, they cry over some one else faults and they make other’s responsible for the bad happening to them. people who are educated with degrees in their shelves which probably eat dust and has become a showcase item, people who are multi talented and mature cry over things which they should not. there are two ways to learn things :- you fall and you step again not to make that mistake again or you see someone else fall and learn from their mistakes and try not to make those mistakes. no one is perfect in this world and no one would ever be . but at least we can try for perfection and yes in the pursuit of perfection we should never forget our moral values. its very important to stick to your roots and to remember where you came from.

A very interesting story about Bill Gates which i can tell you about.

Once Bill Gate’s son went to a cafe. he ate good lunch their and had nice time with friends , when a bartender came to collect the bill Bill Gates son gave him $50 tip. next day to the same cafe Bill Gates came and he also ate lunch. when the same bartender came to collect the bill , Bill Gates gave him $5 bill tip. bartender was surprised. he thought Bill Gates is the richest man on this earth even then he gave him only $5 tip on the other hand his son gave him $50 tip. why there is a difference ? he had to ask this to Bill Gates. he moved forward and asked his question ,on which Bill Gates said ” my son is the son of world’s richest man but i am the son of a wood cutter”.

The moral of a story is that no matter how much success we gain in life ,we should never forget our roots and we should never forget where we came from. its very important to stick to our roots since its our originality , its our identity. like if i go to USA, UK, RUSSIA , BELARUS OR UKRAINE or any country in the world i will always be an INDIAN. my identity will always be an INDIAN. its my root and its my originality. speaking in an accent , developing new eating habits, social behaviours , communication skills, professional lives will not change me from an INDIAN to something else. it will always remain the same till my death. i will always be an INDIAN. its with every single person on this planet as their identity will not change never. one can change their appearance ,one can change their looks or anything related to skills or behaviour but our soul will remain the same ,it will never change.


I have seen big personalities behaving in an immaculate manner in social circle but when they are at home with the family they just like any other child.

Life is short or life is too long to live.

Its all in the attitude. but life is a gift. its a gift everyone should enjoy. for some life is too short to live , for them future is uncertain and they have fear of unknown. they have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow so they try to live in the present. there is no wrong way and no right way to look at things when it comes to living life with an attitude ,it all depends on approach. now there are people who think life is too long to live. there is always a new chance for them always a new opportunity. so they never loose their hopes and always try move forward. again there is no wrong way and no right way to look at things ,its all in the approach , how you approach life.

Is life short for for you or long ? the choice is your’s. its your call to make how you want to make your life. every one is entitled to make their own choices and every one has a free will. lets make use of that free will. lets not think about life is short or long. future is uncertain indeed. but what we do today at this moment at this very hour will decide our future and our tomorrow. the choices we make today and the decisions we take today we shape up our future. unfortunately we don’t have time machine to return in time to make amendments to make things right. so we will always learn from our mistakes. as human we will make mistakes we are bound to make mistakes. there is no human who has never failed in his life. and if there is some one who says he never failed has not achieved success.

Life is a gift, lets make use of this gift and lets enjoy this gift. imagine what changes we can make in someone else life with this beautiful gift. i want to change the world but i should change myself first and the world will change.

I cherish my gift. do you ? you should !