A Blind Ghost in Black Overcoat



We all aspire to become a Leader someday , we all want to be rich famous and lovable by all . we all have his instinct to strive for the best and go for the kill ,where and when it requires we go for it . we as human are opportunists , as soon as we see one we don’t care about the right or wrong we just want to take advantage of an opportunity and make use of it for our own benefit .

This world has become a crazy place and its been like this for some time now and I have started thinking where this all craziness is leading us to.is there any purpose of even thought provocative idea to live life here on this planet earth. I mean look , I am not a Scientist or a Scholar or Philosopher , the things I am talking about here in lay man term , as I want to keep things simple and easy to understand , have not we made this earth a Battle Ground ? this home where we live , instead of staying and living a peaceful and happy life we have decided to make battle out of it only to see other’s loosing which gives us smile and makes us happy . how bad. how can you even be happy while you give pain and sorrow to others and you be standing there on top and smiling like a Winner? you can’t be happy by creating problems for others and you can ‘t be happy by creating someone’s life a misery. I mean oh common ! its not making your damn furniture shine anyway.

kim  Lets talk about A Ghost in The Black Over Coat which we see on Television ,Newspapers ,   Tabloids , Internet . this guy is everywhere but all for wrong reasons. its nice to be famous or infamous by doing what you wish to do but all for wrong reasons but hey he be happy , he is getting what he deserves the most , an attention from the world and hey he is famous.

A modern day Hitler trying to take this world on the verge of world war 3. what we got here :- USA , NORTH KOREA , SOUTH KOREA , CHINA , JAPAN, INDIA, PAKAISTAN , IRAN , IRAQ, god damn it ! all the big nations are into this , ASIA be a war zone. I don’t understand this tactic. now you tell me SOUTH KOREA AND NORTH KOREA been divided for ages now and even today there been disputes between the two since then and now they are trying to involve the entire world in their conflicts. well I understand that NORTH KOREA been angered due to joint military exercise between USA and SOUTH KOREA which off course it did not like, so it had to come up with its anger against USA and cause direct threat to USA and SOUTH KOREA and to the rest of the world. oh well ! I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow and this Ghost in The Black Over Coat has given the deadline to humanity that the action will be taken after 10th of April , I guess Kim Jong Un had decided the End Of The World 10th April 2013 ,oh well ! poor MAYAN’S they were wrong ,its been over 101 days since 21st Dec 2012 but nothing happened to this day ,something may just about to take place. oh god ! where are all we going ?

Kim Jong UnI remember and I saw it on Television when Kim Jong Il (1941 – 2011) died. he was a Leader and a Dictator ,ruled North Korea for over the years and violated human rights. Even then there was a mass crying over his death , like a Father Of Nation died and kids are crying , I can understand the sentiments and emotions here , I am also human just like others . I understand the Psychology here and how it works but somewhere sometime we became blind and ignored or compromised on purpose over the Deeds Of The Man. was he wrong or was he right during his regime ? Is the question to which we can debate now but to those people for whom he was nothing less than a father ,he was doing everything right. how pity and how sad it is that the state of mind been influenced by one man’s father figure. I saw him speaking from the podium like a Ruler or a Leader or a Dictator but he was the one who influenced people with his personality similar to Hitler , we all remember Hitler for what bad he has done to humanity during his era but we all forget that he was a man who influenced people with his thoughts and his words and his speech. wish if he had done similar for the goodwill of people , for an upliftment of the society ,world could have been a better place today.

_59119706_north_korea_ranges_2 After the death of his father Kim Jong Il , Kim Jong Un took over the control of North Korea but he too similar to his father violated everything in the books. he is no different from his father , ordering to kill defectors ,conducting public executions and sending people to political prison camps are to name a few. I don’t understand this tactic to rule the country . oh well ! that’s what is his mindset and that’s what he has become A Ghost In The Black Overcoat.

He is taking this world to the edge of world war 3. what he is doing is solve no purpose to humanity . by showing his arrogance and threat to rest of the world he is doing no good to his people , war anyway is no good for anyone , we saw it in Vietnam war , we saw it when USA invaded IRAQ and Afghanistan. loss of human lives in the form of civilians or the military is only a loss of human from the surface of this earth. strings of things will happen from now on. every decision , every word and every speech will make an impact to this world ,though USA is taking NORTH KOREA threat seriously but it don’t think that Kim Jong Un will take this suicidal step to war against USA and South Korea. This step will force USA to retaliate and I know it will not only be USA but other countries as support or anti support ,will take part in this battle which will turn into a war and will divide the world into two.


Nothing is safe in the NORTH KOREA at the moment and the entire world is watching closely. all the Foreign Embassies have been told to close down their offices and return to their respective countries since Pyongyang do not guarantee their security. they have even deployed MUSUDAN 4000 km missiles at its borders for immediate attack. US has postponed its planned test of Minuteman 3 ballistic missile since it might get misinterpreted by Pyongyang. its a good step. why provoke someone who is already a threat to millions of people to cause further harm. he is only been verbal so far and is taking  steps now. but his steps  has not been turned into actions yet. this is the biggest fear , he may take actions. whatever happens this is for sure that each and every country of ASIA will take advantage of this. China will solve its own purpose with Pakistan, India again will place its peaceful role or as a mediator to calm down the entire operation, IRAN – IRAQ will have their own things to do and USA as always tries to be a supreme power by ingesting billions or dollars into the war and there by taking part in it .

image    Lets take a moment to think about all this ,can’t it be nice guy thing only by taking few good steps of kindness and to make all this a better place to live , why war ? why showing off its military might and fight which solves no purpose ? why fulfill one man’s arrogance and bear the disadvantage later ? why look at one man’s psychology and compromising on our happiness only to let it happen for no good.

Hey I am only talking like a normal guy here and I am too like you among billions of others but these words are mine and I do not intend anyone to follow me or to follow what I have written . all I say follow yourself but do not follow anyone who is like A Blind Ghost In The  Black Overcoat.