Salmon fishing with the difference


Simon beaufoy is not a stranger to the country like India.when he wrote best film of 2008 no one had expected it to win eight oscars but it did and made simon household name in India.he wrote Slumdog Millionare which got produced in 2008 and won maximum oscars in the following year Acadamy award ceremony.after the success of Slumdog Millionare every one thought what’s next for Simon.he came up with Salmon fishing in the Yemen in 2011.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a movie with difference.this film was not nominated for oscars unlike Slumdog Millionare but still it was good enough to make its name in Toronto film festival as the Best British film of the year.directed by Lasse Hallstrom and produced by Paul Webster , Nicky Kentish-Barnes and Samuel Hadida ,this film managed to get 7.0 rating at (internet movie database) and anything 7.o or above at imdb is preety good.

Salmon fishing in the Yemen is based on Salmon fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday.Paul is the british writer of this comic novel.Salmon fishing in the Yemen and Paul got its due when the book won an award in 2007 for comic writing with the prestigious title of Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse prize and was also featured on BBC radio also won Waverton Good Read Award in 2008.

This business man turned author started writing fictions only in the later years of his life.his first novel was published at the age of 59.the inspiration of this novel came from Torday’s interest in fly fishing and the middle east.with these two forms he took an inspiration to write a fiction which he did quite successfully and wrote a story which centers around the world of political management.

Let’s talk more about the movie.Fred Jones played by Ewan Mcgregor is suffering from Asperger’s those who don’t know about this new term it’s a disorder where an individual has difficulties in social interaction alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour and interests.Mcgregor plays a british government expert in fisheries.when Harriet Chetwode – Talbot played by Emily Blunt who represents a wealthy Yemeni sheikh(Amr Waked) asks for help to fulfill sheikh’s vision of introducing Salmon Fishing to the desert country of Yemen.Fred rejects the idea since to him it makes no sense of doing salmon fishing in the desert country like Yemen.he is a simple man with simple life style and ordinary thoughts,he is somone who don’t think out of the box to get different to him asking for help in introducing salmon fishing to the desert country like Yemen is something out of the blue.he rejects Blunt’s offer.

However the prime minister’s press secretary ,Patricia Maxwell played by Kristin Scott Thomas gets into the story of Anglo Arab Cooperation to distract the voters from on going bad news out of Afganistan,she pressures Fred to start working with Harriet and sheikh to impliment the project.Fred slowly and slowly comes to believe in sheikh’s quest.he begins to understand sheikh’s vision and starts implimenting on the project.

In the process Fred falls in love with Harriet who is also single at the moment since her boyfriend Robert played by Tom Mison has just gone missing in action in the here the story takes a twist.once Robert goes missing its leaves a question in everybody Robert going to return alive and reunite with Harriet ? Or Fred will confess his love for Harriet ? If Robert returns alive and Fred also confesses his love to Harriet , who she will go with ? Poor girl will be left with choice to make between the two.let me tell you its not easy in real life.taking this kind of decision is always tricky.

This is where Simon wins in his screenplay.he did the same with Slumdog Millionare where the story was strong and screenplay was tight ,full of Salmon fishing in the Yemen Harriet has a choice to make its because Robert returns alive when Fred also confesses his love to her.meanwhile this all happens fish also gets released and the project seems to be succeeding,but it gets sabotaged by the local militants who destroy the salmon runs.but when Fred sees some fishes have survived ,he gets his faith back to start working on it again and Harriet joins him to fulfill sheikh’s vision.

Film did good business at the box office earning over $225,894 in 18 screens on 11th march 2012 and grossed about $1,628,802 as on 25th march 2012.its 107 minutes long with digital dolby sound mix and aspect ratio of 2.35:1.

Simon is the master of twist and he never leaves a doubt in mind.his act in screenplay writing is brilliant as he leaves us with question and gets us engaged with the characters in the story.Emily Blunt is one of my favourite actor she is not only beautiful but she is also a brilliant actor.i loved her in the Young Victoria and The Devil Wears Prada.this young british actress won Golden Globe ,another 7 wins and 19 nominations.

Ewan Mcgregor is our very own scottish guy,he was born on 31st march 1971 in Crieff,Scotland.his parents encouraged him to leave school and pursue his dream of becoming an actor rather than be unhappy.he is been nominated for Golden Globe and has another 16 wins and 21 nominations to his name.he is indeed one of the best actor around and is spot on in Salmon fishing in the Yemen.

Lasse hallstrom is another big name associated with the film ,being a writer ,director and producer he has many accolades to his name.he has been nominated for three oscars so far and has another 11 wins and 9 nominations.his major films are Chocolat which got released in 2000 and What’s eating gilbert grape which came in 1993.

Salmon fishing in the Yemen is a must watch,not only its very well written with twists and tales but also very well acted by the actors.every character has fitted well with the story ,tells you about how well the casting was done for this movie.its a romantic-comedy drama film based on a story by british author Paul Torday.this film talks about life and how life can have a meaning with small gifts of nature.

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