The Terminator who changed my life

I still remember the days when we were young and used to watch movies together, I am talking about me and my friends who were fond of movies and had huge interest in Hollywood my locality there were 9 kids including me who were great fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger , the man we often known as the Terminator.i was in eighth grade when I heard about The friends used to talk about this movie a lot during evening when it was time for us to play games after we had completed our home of my good friend was in a habbit of saying I be back , I be back anytime before he had to go somewhere.i soon realized that this Terminator thing is indeed something big.

The first ever english movie I saw was The Predator in the year 1995,another epic movie from the legendry action star Arnold Schwarzenegger.i was so impressed by this movie and the man himself that I felt like buying a video cassette of the movie to put in my movie collection.i decided that I should watch another movie from Arnold since he had become my favourite because of his action skills and perfect 10 body.he was my inspiration in body building.

One evening me and my friends decided to watch a movie and this was my chance to see the ever so famous The itself was so striking ,How the movie is going to be? I was simply dieing to watch this movie.we , a group of 7 friends got together and collected money to get the video player and the video cassette on rent to watch this movie at one of my friends place.i remember talking about this film all the way to the video gallery and when I saw the poster which was there on the wall at the gallery and also the video cassette cover , I was completely blown away.i had to see this film.

We got the movie ,popcorns ,cold drinks,we were ready to enjoy the movie,this was the moment for me to watch the ever so discussed flick between friends ,it was the moment of truth.Will this movie fall as per my expectations? How long the movie is going to be? How the actors will be like ? How good actions ,stunts ,special effects are going to be ? Why this movie is so famous ? How many oscars it won ? These were questions I had in my mind ever before the movie began. But after little over two hours my questions were answered.

The Terminator 2 – Judgment Day is my all time favourite movie ,i have seen so many films so far ,International Cinema, Hollywood,Asian Cinema or Bollywood, I have seen all.but this movie been my all time favourite,takes the number one spot all the way.i bought Terminator Two posters including the dvd in the later years.i even bought the blue ray disc of Terminator Two.i was so impressed by this film that it became a part of my life.

Terminator 2 :- Judgment Day came in 1991 ,July 1. it was the sequel to the first movie The  Terminator which came in 1984.T2 was the costliest movie of its time ,the budget going over 90,000,000 dollars and the most successful one also in the year of its release.Film won many awards including ever so precious Oscars in the Best make up,Best sound,Best sound editing and Best visual effects.the movie became a land mark in film technology where it used eye popping visual effects, high octane stunts and action,in particular the chase scenes were simply breath taking.

Directed by the legendry film maker Sir James Cameron and co written by William Wisher Jr this film had got its place in history.there can’t be no other film maker better than James Cameron to make the sequel of Terminator and James proved this after the Terminator 2 release.

The Cyborg who once tried to kill Sarah Conner in the first film The Terminator must now save her son John Conner the future leader from even more advanced and deadly Terminator ,The this kind of idea can only come in the genius mind like James Cameron.

Unlike the first movie this time Arnold was the saviour to John Connor played by Edward Furlong.i believe this is the best movie Edward had ever got.Arnold played an iconic Terminator which was about to make him even more famous and he did complete justice to it. Robert Patrick as the more advanced Terminator The T-1000 looked good because of his fast pace running speed and flexibility.Linda Hamlinton ,i guess was amazing in her performance because she was the mother of her son who she had to save from the T-1000 at all cost.Linda portrayed her role almost perfectly and she was simply superb in emotional scenes.

No words about how good was the direction in this film.James Cameron simply wrote history when he directed this movie.the title music score for the both Terminator films by Brad Fiedel are still so famous that we have so many re-mixes on them.i got so impressed by the title music score that I even downloaded it in my I pod to listen to it over and over again.

This was the near perfect movie,which came good in almost all the department and it was like that James Cameron can’t get Terminator series wrong.amazing story ,action sequences,stunts,mind blowing sound ,formidable performances by all the actors,best special effects of its time,brilliantly directed,this movie talk about how the films should be made.anyone who is into films and even consider making a carrer in film making ,should not miss this film.this film is a mile stone movie and is there in the all time favourite list of almost all the movie lovers on this planet,including me who was ever so mad about films and when I saw this one I became even more crazy about films.i thank my star the day when I saw this film, it was the turning point of my life which taught me that film making is not only about what we see on screen but its also about living your passion.

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