Few years ago when I was london doing my masters in film and video production,our lecturer showed us Cinema 16 dvd , a collection of British Short Films.this Cinema 16 dvd had collection of 16 short films from british cinema including professional and upcoming filmmakers.we all students got really excited to see the short films since each one us was willing to become a successful filmmaker.so we were eager to learn and experiment with the ideas which we were about to get from these films.

After we had seen all the films we were allowed to speak on the filmmaker or director who had influenced us the most,every one had their own choices.some said Mike Leigh ,for few it was Asif Kapadia or for some it was Stephen Daldry.i also got a chance to select my favourite and the film maker who influenced me the most was Christopher Jonathan James Nolan.

Since then I have seen all the films by Christopher Nolan including Memento,The dark knight and Inception.This guy had got huge impact on me not because how well he directed his movies but the way he did it.ever heard the quote ‘Winner don’t do different things ,they do things differently’.this is what Christopher Nolan do.he make his films differently ,that’s what really makes him shine and stands out of the crowd in the entertainment business.he is indeed very talented film maker but he is equally gifted with vivid and different ideas.his stories and screenplays which he contributed with his brother Jonathan Nolan have made him an icon in film making but also made him a guaranteed sure shot success for any projects he takes.

The day when I saw Cinema 16 films ,Nolan’s Doodlebug was also featured in it.it was a short movie for only about 3 minutes which came in 1997,i also saw this movie later on Youtube and even showed it to my friends.so Doodlebug was a nice surprise to me since it was so well structured even in this short length of ftime.Doodlebug was one of the first independent Nolan’s movie which he wrote,directed ,co-produced,photographed and edited.Jeremy Theobald was the actor who got listed as the man in the movie and later also worked in Nolan’s first feature ‘Following’ which came in 1998.

Doodlebug completely took me by surprise.its a story about a guy in a grotty flat who is chasing an insect with a shoe to kill it.we later discover that the killing is only a miniature of himself.seconds after we see him getting crushed by larger version of himself.i remember showing this film to my friends.one of them got influenced by it so much that he decided to make an indian version of this film.Doodlebug really gives an idea how Nolan’s mind work.if we take a look at his movie profile we will see that films like Memento,Prestige,The Dark Knight and Inception were different in treatment and in idea offcourse.these films were not run of the mill movie.they were differently made,executed and directed.

I became fan of Nolan’s work after seeing Memento.indeed this movie is one of the most sophisticated and challenging movie ever made.not easy to make film like this when you don’t follow the script in chronogical order.i have read Memento script ,its available for you to download online,its indeed different and it shows on screen.i bought Memento and saw it over and over again.its a kind of film which one should have in his collection and worth watching thousand times.

Christopher Nolan has made his own identity in the entertainment business.he is different from other film makers of his age and that’s what makes him demanding.over and over again he comes with successful films every year.after Inception people are waiting for The Dark Knight Rises,this is going to be another iconic movie for which movie goers are waiting impatiently.

Christopher Nolan was born in london in 1970 ,he started making films at the age of seven with his super 8mm camera,he got influenced by real life people and began making films on them.his super 8mm surreal short ‘Tarantella’ was also featured on PBS ‘Image Union’ in 1989.he also studied english literature at the university college ,London and started making 16 mm films at the college film society.his short film ‘Larceny was shown at the Cambridge Film Festival in 1996 which is a great honor.later his next 16mm three minute short Doodlebug came in 1997.

He is married to Emma Thomas (1997- present ) with three childern.Emma has also produced all his movies. Nolan holds both United States and British passport which makes it easy for him to schedule his shoots in Britain or in United States.his trademark is to begin his movies in flashback or a scene from the end of the movie.he frequently casts Christian Bale,Michael Cane,Gary Oldman,Morgan Freeman and Tom Hardy.he often do crosscutting of several scenes of parallel action to build a climax ,which we saw in the movies like The Prestige (2006) and The Dark Knight (2008).

He often employs non – linear story – telling techniques ,flipping around the three acts of story telling to make it even more interesting.uses camera revolving around the character which is noticeable in The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Memento and The Inception.very interesting fact about Nolan is that he is red and green colorblind.he is big James Bond fan.his top ten favourite movies are ‘2001:A Space Odyssey(1968),The Black Hole(1979),Blade Runner(1982),Chinatown(1974),The Hitcher(1986),Lawerence Of Arabia(1962),The Man Who Would Be King(1975).he has huge Stanley Kubrick influence so he is ready to watch anything from him.

Christopher Nolan is indeed a film maker with a difference.he thinks differently, he writes differently,he direct his films differently.he is one of the most talented film maker around who has given a lot to the film industry.he is a brand name and an icon for success who can’t do anything wrong these days.you give him a project and he will surely do justice to his talent and will make a movie which is indeed going to be different from the rest.we are waiting for yet another blockbuster from Nolan ,The Dark Knight Rises and we don’t hope that it will live up to our expectation because it will.