Don’t say you love me !

Every night i walk up to my window to see the star which we used to see together,do u remember this honey ? remember the time ,when we used to go to the window holding hands and looked at the shining star which seemed to make a contact with us.that shining star was like making an image in our mind and heart, of love we shared together.this shining star was a connection between you and was the source of an energy between you and me.shining so brightly in the night sky ,it looked like its saying to us ,don’t worry you two i am here for matter how far you are from each other i will still be making connection between you two.

Even today i reach out to my window and look at this star ,its still there shining brightly as it used to never lost its shine and charm.its still there at the top in the night sky ,shining so brightly.if i want to take a good look at it ,I go to my terrace.this is where it looks at its best in the open night sky.i still feel the connection honey ,do you feel the same ? everytime i look at it ,it makes me think of you .every time i look at this shining brightly star which is there for us , it makes a connection between you and me.this is what it’s there makes a connection between you and me even from this says to me when i look at it , it says that your baby is just fine.your baby is full of love and she is getting love from you in the form of an energy.this energy can be reach anywhere you want it to be.its the energy transformation between two souls and i am doing it for you,you need not to worry about it.just look at me and think about the woman you love and your message will be delivered.

I feel so good after all this because i know i don’t need to worry about my baby since our star is there for us ,its taking care of us.two young souls in love would not ask for anything more than this beautiful gesture from heavenly body.universe is with us your instincts and have no doubts in your mind ,when there is a doubt it blocks you from what you want to do.have faith and show full trust in your man.your man has been honest to you ,has shown faith in you,has loved you as what you are ,supported you in all respects,stood by you at all times either with you or your man him that he can take care of you,trust him for what he stands him for what he do today and how its going to be tomorrow.

Any man’s biggest strength is his woman , he can have everything in life and still he will not be happy if his woman is not him,he will be incomplete without woman completes his man ,man feels like one complete and true identity when he has his woman with him.some one who stands by his side ,gives him support, is there when he feels down and depress,helps him when he need her the most,gives him her shoulder when he need to rest his need woman to fight with this world.this world is one beautiful place and once hell of a place.what form it takes for man and her woman depends completely on them.couples in love stays together often come across all the obstacles to be language ,no boundaries,no culture differences,no distances means nothing to them.this all becomes irrelevant to them when they only see each other but nothing else.

I am your man honey and you are my woman then why there are doubts ,lets not get these issues ,doubts ,problems come between us.its not healthy neither its doing any good to us.its there and its creating problems between you and me.when your man is by your side you need not to worry about anything my love.your man stood by you this long and will always be like this for the rest of his life.he never looked at any other woman when you are around with him or when you are in his mind and in his heart.he got himself committed to you completely.many time he got questioned by people that if i am sure about what i am doing and what i want out of this relationship.i had no doubt in my mind and i knew what i wanted.i always said my baby is with me at all times and i don’t feel need for any other woman in my life.i can’t make my baby cry and want to see her upset.I don’t want to cheat on my baby and yes i am committed to her and i am taken and not available.sorry !

Sorry ?? why sorry ? i never said sorry to anyone on this and why i should ,is there anything wrong i am doing to people for which i should say sorry . no its not required , i am brave to be in this kind of relationship and being this loyal and faithful only makes me proud.i am proud of my relationship and i have always valued my woman’s presence in my life and always admired her for what she stands for.i love her so me boundaries ,language and culture has no meaning when i am with her.this is the woman i love and she is the one i want to spend rest of my life with.

I say i love you because i want to make you feel that i love you, i love you to me are not just three magical words which man and woman always wants to hear ,its an energy which gives hope , peace,love ,affection and admiration to people who are in love.every day is a beautiful day and every day brings new hope and every day becomes even more to admire for if some one some where listen to these three magical words i love you.if i am telling you that i love you ,i am doing the energy formation which takes place in the universe and gives my woman a new hope , a new life which she desires for.she can feel it in heart that her man loves her even after all this problems and issues, he is still with her and stands by her a kiss which wind takes to a love bite which my soul take it to you and leaves it on your cheeks,give you a warm hug which earth takes to you and plants it on your body and makes you feel warm when you need one.

Where are you my baby ,without you my life is so incomplete.your man is strong but he is not that strong that he will live without you.a man can get everything in life, he can have fame,money,a good job, all the luxuries in life but if he has no woman and no family ,all this be of no use.he is still poor and makes no is the greatest gift from god to us humans.this is something which never gets over no matter how much you spend is something which always gets more and more and more and more,the more you spend it the more you gain it.showering your love on someone you love is not wrong.

This world is hard place to live and at the same time this world is beautiful place to live,depends how you make it for yourself.i decided to love a woman beyond boundaries ,to me country ,language ,culture ,cast did not matter , all i saw a human ,just another one and happened to be a woman i loved the most so far.i am not ready to give up on my baby because i know that she will come to me,she needs me ,she loves me so how i can leave her behind.i want to hold your hands honey and want go on the trip of this life.i want to have a family of beautiful kids,a home ,one happy big family ,an eventful life and for all this we need each other support.

Don’t you want this all baby ? ask a question to yourself now ,would you be able to live without me,sure you leave me tonight and say i will find another man but would you be able to lie to yourself that you did not love me and our union was just for fun and enjoyment ?would you lie to your star which you will still find outside your window shining brightly asking you that hey you left a man who loved you so much,who stood by your side at all times,yes he took time but still he came for you because he never allowed you to cry anymore,you left him ,why did you do that ? what would you do then honey?

Don’t punish yourself baby , your man don’t want to see you in pain.your man don’t want to see you cry or depress.remember the days when you used to cry when i was away from you and did not show up for few days and you thought something may have gone wrong with him ? do u remember the days when you used to wait for me for hour’s and hour’s only to see me smile ?how can you forget the wedding song we decided on to dance ? how can you forget the promises we made for our kids and for ourselves ?

Honey i never changed a bit ever since we had met, why have you changed my love ?

Remember this always honey , your man has stood by you at all times and he still there with you.your man loves you and he ready to give his all to protect you ,to take care of you.

Don’t you need a man like this in your life honey ?

I need you in my life baby ,i need you by my side. this world won’t matter to us once we feel like we were in love before.

Don’t say you love me ,you have said it enough and showed it enough ,its time to live your love.

Salmon fishing with the difference


Simon beaufoy is not a stranger to the country like India.when he wrote best film of 2008 no one had expected it to win eight oscars but it did and made simon household name in India.he wrote Slumdog Millionare which got produced in 2008 and won maximum oscars in the following year Acadamy award ceremony.after the success of Slumdog Millionare every one thought what’s next for Simon.he came up with Salmon fishing in the Yemen in 2011.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a movie with difference.this film was not nominated for oscars unlike Slumdog Millionare but still it was good enough to make its name in Toronto film festival as the Best British film of the year.directed by Lasse Hallstrom and produced by Paul Webster , Nicky Kentish-Barnes and Samuel Hadida ,this film managed to get 7.0 rating at (internet movie database) and anything 7.o or above at imdb is preety good.

Salmon fishing in the Yemen is based on Salmon fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday.Paul is the british writer of this comic novel.Salmon fishing in the Yemen and Paul got its due when the book won an award in 2007 for comic writing with the prestigious title of Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse prize and was also featured on BBC radio also won Waverton Good Read Award in 2008.

This business man turned author started writing fictions only in the later years of his life.his first novel was published at the age of 59.the inspiration of this novel came from Torday’s interest in fly fishing and the middle east.with these two forms he took an inspiration to write a fiction which he did quite successfully and wrote a story which centers around the world of political management.

Let’s talk more about the movie.Fred Jones played by Ewan Mcgregor is suffering from Asperger’s those who don’t know about this new term it’s a disorder where an individual has difficulties in social interaction alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour and interests.Mcgregor plays a british government expert in fisheries.when Harriet Chetwode – Talbot played by Emily Blunt who represents a wealthy Yemeni sheikh(Amr Waked) asks for help to fulfill sheikh’s vision of introducing Salmon Fishing to the desert country of Yemen.Fred rejects the idea since to him it makes no sense of doing salmon fishing in the desert country like Yemen.he is a simple man with simple life style and ordinary thoughts,he is somone who don’t think out of the box to get different to him asking for help in introducing salmon fishing to the desert country like Yemen is something out of the blue.he rejects Blunt’s offer.

However the prime minister’s press secretary ,Patricia Maxwell played by Kristin Scott Thomas gets into the story of Anglo Arab Cooperation to distract the voters from on going bad news out of Afganistan,she pressures Fred to start working with Harriet and sheikh to impliment the project.Fred slowly and slowly comes to believe in sheikh’s quest.he begins to understand sheikh’s vision and starts implimenting on the project.

In the process Fred falls in love with Harriet who is also single at the moment since her boyfriend Robert played by Tom Mison has just gone missing in action in the here the story takes a twist.once Robert goes missing its leaves a question in everybody Robert going to return alive and reunite with Harriet ? Or Fred will confess his love for Harriet ? If Robert returns alive and Fred also confesses his love to Harriet , who she will go with ? Poor girl will be left with choice to make between the two.let me tell you its not easy in real life.taking this kind of decision is always tricky.

This is where Simon wins in his screenplay.he did the same with Slumdog Millionare where the story was strong and screenplay was tight ,full of Salmon fishing in the Yemen Harriet has a choice to make its because Robert returns alive when Fred also confesses his love to her.meanwhile this all happens fish also gets released and the project seems to be succeeding,but it gets sabotaged by the local militants who destroy the salmon runs.but when Fred sees some fishes have survived ,he gets his faith back to start working on it again and Harriet joins him to fulfill sheikh’s vision.

Film did good business at the box office earning over $225,894 in 18 screens on 11th march 2012 and grossed about $1,628,802 as on 25th march 2012.its 107 minutes long with digital dolby sound mix and aspect ratio of 2.35:1.

Simon is the master of twist and he never leaves a doubt in mind.his act in screenplay writing is brilliant as he leaves us with question and gets us engaged with the characters in the story.Emily Blunt is one of my favourite actor she is not only beautiful but she is also a brilliant actor.i loved her in the Young Victoria and The Devil Wears Prada.this young british actress won Golden Globe ,another 7 wins and 19 nominations.

Ewan Mcgregor is our very own scottish guy,he was born on 31st march 1971 in Crieff,Scotland.his parents encouraged him to leave school and pursue his dream of becoming an actor rather than be unhappy.he is been nominated for Golden Globe and has another 16 wins and 21 nominations to his name.he is indeed one of the best actor around and is spot on in Salmon fishing in the Yemen.

Lasse hallstrom is another big name associated with the film ,being a writer ,director and producer he has many accolades to his name.he has been nominated for three oscars so far and has another 11 wins and 9 nominations.his major films are Chocolat which got released in 2000 and What’s eating gilbert grape which came in 1993.

Salmon fishing in the Yemen is a must watch,not only its very well written with twists and tales but also very well acted by the actors.every character has fitted well with the story ,tells you about how well the casting was done for this movie.its a romantic-comedy drama film based on a story by british author Paul Torday.this film talks about life and how life can have a meaning with small gifts of nature.

Ferrell The Anchorman

In the media industry who plays an important role ? or let me put it like this ,who is the face of any T.V. channel ? The answer is simple , who we see on screen talking about the issues,current affairs,mishaps,entertainment business, money business like stock market,culture or any given topic which they like to talk about or say they make viewers aware of what is happening around the world.a man on screen with this kind of responsinilty should be the man with charm,wit ,emotions,knowladge,experience and etiquettes.

We call this guy an Anchorman. no not the kind of guy on ship with the anchor.this man stays on television and is the face of any T.V. channel.he is the first human contact on screen on whom the reputation of T.V. channels lies.This guy takes care of everything on screen.give him anything he does it with utmost perfection.he is the man who defines that what kind of T.V. channel he is working for or in other words what kind of reputation the T.V. channel has in the market.that’s why T.V. channels are always on the hunt for a personality like this.

Anchorman ,our very own Will Ferrell fits the bill when it comes to define creativity with  professionalism.he is one man who played the role of an anchorman in 2004 hit ‘Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy’ directed by Adam Mckay.the film was written by Ferrell and Mckay the time of its released it was said that fillm is only intended to create humor and should not be taken at its face value ,this film is not here to offence anyone but to create wits and humor.stationed in San Diego T.V. channel the film talks about Ferrell who clashes with his new female of this nature got its due when it got fetaured in Bravo’s 100 funniest movies of all time at number 100 and ranked 113 on Empire’s 500 greatest movies of all time.the film grossed $28.4 million in its opening weekend and made $90.6 million worldwide.

The amount of money it grossed during its run you can easily get an idea about Will Ferrell title character of an Anchorman.we have seen him in Old School,ELF,Talladega Nights,Stranger than fiction,Blades of glory ,Semi-pro and The other guys.he is the member of the Frat Pack ,a generation of leading actors who emerged during 1990s and 2000s in hollywood comedy films which did good business all around.these names include Jack Black,Ben Stiller,Steve Carell,Vince Vaughn and brother duo Owen and Luke Wilson.

Will Ferrell our California guy is very talented and there is no question about his skills which he use to make people laugh on screen.that’s why Adam Mckay is coming with sequel of Anchorman title as Anchorman 2.after many years ,many meetings,appointments,salary compromises Anchorman 2 is finally in the process of becoming a reality.this film is a major production in terms of reliving the magic of Anchorman as it happened in 2004.its still in the process of making and sooner or later in the year 2013 the film will be ready for release but at the moment Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay are still working on the script.Adam Mckay has revealed some interesting details about Anchorman 2 in his latest interview.

He said

“We have a basic idea. I’ll tell you we’re staying roughly period, and I would just say it’s the next stage in the development of American media and news. The fun of these characters is they confront change very poorly. [laughs] So they’ve got some more change coming their way. I can say that pretty safely.”

Oh well ,now since Adam is talking about change this time ,so we can all expect some more laugh and more wits in Anchorman 2 by Ron Burgandy.we all know what had happened last time when Ron Burgandy aka Will Ferrell and Channel 4 evening news team encountered we just can’t wait to see what kind of changes they faces this time or say what kind of changes Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay come up with this time.


And yes not to forget the star cast from the first movie ,they all played important part in making this movie one of a kind comedy in its Adam Mckay has not forget to re cast Paul Rudd, Steve Carell,David Koechner and Vince Vaughn.they are all in.what about Christina Applegate’s Veronica Corningstone? Mckay has a different take on this ,he admits she’s expendable ,much like the women in Austin Powers franchise.but hang on he has something to say on it.

He said

“We have an idea for her that we think is pretty cool. So tentatively right now she’s in. But obviously we kind of have to let it be what it’s gonna be, we don’t want to handcuff ourselves, but we love Applegate, so any chance to work with her is always fun. So, yeah, that’s it. The last couple weeks we’ve been sitting down and banging out the story and putting it together.”

This is really a great news ,we have been waiting for its sequel ever since the first movie got released in 2004.the first movie Anchorman sets the benchmark in comedy films genre which takes place in media department.the film was well received by critics with a 66% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 63% Metascore at critic roger ebert gave his own verdict on anchorman.he said , ‘most of the time anchorman works and lots of time its very funny’.he gave three stars out of four.Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers gave the film three out of four stars and wrote about it “If you sense the presence of recycled jokes from animal house onward, you’d be right. But you’d be wrong to discount the comic rapport Ferrell has with his cohorts, notably the priceless Fred Willard as the harried station manager”

So in the nuttshell we can see that the first film did quite a good job in comedy genre in its time and sets a benchmark , a standard in comedy films.we have lots of expectation from Adam Mckay and Will Ferrell’s upcoming sequel of Anchorman as Anchorman 2 which is due to release in 2013.well ,we can’t wait to see what our favourite Anchorman do this time ,after all he is the best media guy around who even today makes us laugh in times of not so funny comedy films.but Anchorman 2 will surely be a breadth of fresh air.

He is Christopher Nolan

Few years ago when I was london doing my masters in film and video production,our lecturer showed us Cinema 16 dvd , a collection of British Short Films.this Cinema 16 dvd had collection of 16 short films from british cinema including professional and upcoming filmmakers.we all students got really excited to see the short films since each one us was willing to become a successful we were eager to learn and experiment with the ideas which we were about to get from these films.

After we had seen all the films we were allowed to speak on the filmmaker or director who had influenced us the most,every one had their own choices.some said Mike Leigh ,for few it was Asif Kapadia or for some it was Stephen Daldry.i also got a chance to select my favourite and the film maker who influenced me the most was Christopher Jonathan James Nolan.

Since then I have seen all the films by Christopher Nolan including Memento,The dark knight and Inception.This guy had got huge impact on me not because how well he directed his movies but the way he did it.ever heard the quote ‘Winner don’t do different things ,they do things differently’.this is what Christopher Nolan do.he make his films differently ,that’s what really makes him shine and stands out of the crowd in the entertainment business.he is indeed very talented film maker but he is equally gifted with vivid and different ideas.his stories and screenplays which he contributed with his brother Jonathan Nolan have made him an icon in film making but also made him a guaranteed sure shot success for any projects he takes.

The day when I saw Cinema 16 films ,Nolan’s Doodlebug was also featured in was a short movie for only about 3 minutes which came in 1997,i also saw this movie later on Youtube and even showed it to my Doodlebug was a nice surprise to me since it was so well structured even in this short length of ftime.Doodlebug was one of the first independent Nolan’s movie which he wrote,directed ,co-produced,photographed and edited.Jeremy Theobald was the actor who got listed as the man in the movie and later also worked in Nolan’s first feature ‘Following’ which came in 1998.

Doodlebug completely took me by surprise.its a story about a guy in a grotty flat who is chasing an insect with a shoe to kill it.we later discover that the killing is only a miniature of himself.seconds after we see him getting crushed by larger version of himself.i remember showing this film to my of them got influenced by it so much that he decided to make an indian version of this film.Doodlebug really gives an idea how Nolan’s mind work.if we take a look at his movie profile we will see that films like Memento,Prestige,The Dark Knight and Inception were different in treatment and in idea offcourse.these films were not run of the mill movie.they were differently made,executed and directed.

I became fan of Nolan’s work after seeing Memento.indeed this movie is one of the most sophisticated and challenging movie ever made.not easy to make film like this when you don’t follow the script in chronogical order.i have read Memento script ,its available for you to download online,its indeed different and it shows on screen.i bought Memento and saw it over and over again.its a kind of film which one should have in his collection and worth watching thousand times.

Christopher Nolan has made his own identity in the entertainment business.he is different from other film makers of his age and that’s what makes him demanding.over and over again he comes with successful films every year.after Inception people are waiting for The Dark Knight Rises,this is going to be another iconic movie for which movie goers are waiting impatiently.

Christopher Nolan was born in london in 1970 ,he started making films at the age of seven with his super 8mm camera,he got influenced by real life people and began making films on them.his super 8mm surreal short ‘Tarantella’ was also featured on PBS ‘Image Union’ in 1989.he also studied english literature at the university college ,London and started making 16 mm films at the college film society.his short film ‘Larceny was shown at the Cambridge Film Festival in 1996 which is a great honor.later his next 16mm three minute short Doodlebug came in 1997.

He is married to Emma Thomas (1997- present ) with three childern.Emma has also produced all his movies. Nolan holds both United States and British passport which makes it easy for him to schedule his shoots in Britain or in United States.his trademark is to begin his movies in flashback or a scene from the end of the movie.he frequently casts Christian Bale,Michael Cane,Gary Oldman,Morgan Freeman and Tom Hardy.he often do crosscutting of several scenes of parallel action to build a climax ,which we saw in the movies like The Prestige (2006) and The Dark Knight (2008).

He often employs non – linear story – telling techniques ,flipping around the three acts of story telling to make it even more interesting.uses camera revolving around the character which is noticeable in The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Memento and The Inception.very interesting fact about Nolan is that he is red and green colorblind.he is big James Bond fan.his top ten favourite movies are ‘2001:A Space Odyssey(1968),The Black Hole(1979),Blade Runner(1982),Chinatown(1974),The Hitcher(1986),Lawerence Of Arabia(1962),The Man Who Would Be King(1975).he has huge Stanley Kubrick influence so he is ready to watch anything from him.

Christopher Nolan is indeed a film maker with a difference.he thinks differently, he writes differently,he direct his films differently.he is one of the most talented film maker around who has given a lot to the film industry.he is a brand name and an icon for success who can’t do anything wrong these give him a project and he will surely do justice to his talent and will make a movie which is indeed going to be different from the rest.we are waiting for yet another blockbuster from Nolan ,The Dark Knight Rises and we don’t hope that it will live up to our expectation because it will.

The Terminator who changed my life

I still remember the days when we were young and used to watch movies together, I am talking about me and my friends who were fond of movies and had huge interest in Hollywood my locality there were 9 kids including me who were great fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger , the man we often known as the Terminator.i was in eighth grade when I heard about The friends used to talk about this movie a lot during evening when it was time for us to play games after we had completed our home of my good friend was in a habbit of saying I be back , I be back anytime before he had to go somewhere.i soon realized that this Terminator thing is indeed something big.

The first ever english movie I saw was The Predator in the year 1995,another epic movie from the legendry action star Arnold Schwarzenegger.i was so impressed by this movie and the man himself that I felt like buying a video cassette of the movie to put in my movie collection.i decided that I should watch another movie from Arnold since he had become my favourite because of his action skills and perfect 10 body.he was my inspiration in body building.

One evening me and my friends decided to watch a movie and this was my chance to see the ever so famous The itself was so striking ,How the movie is going to be? I was simply dieing to watch this movie.we , a group of 7 friends got together and collected money to get the video player and the video cassette on rent to watch this movie at one of my friends place.i remember talking about this film all the way to the video gallery and when I saw the poster which was there on the wall at the gallery and also the video cassette cover , I was completely blown away.i had to see this film.

We got the movie ,popcorns ,cold drinks,we were ready to enjoy the movie,this was the moment for me to watch the ever so discussed flick between friends ,it was the moment of truth.Will this movie fall as per my expectations? How long the movie is going to be? How the actors will be like ? How good actions ,stunts ,special effects are going to be ? Why this movie is so famous ? How many oscars it won ? These were questions I had in my mind ever before the movie began. But after little over two hours my questions were answered.

The Terminator 2 – Judgment Day is my all time favourite movie ,i have seen so many films so far ,International Cinema, Hollywood,Asian Cinema or Bollywood, I have seen all.but this movie been my all time favourite,takes the number one spot all the way.i bought Terminator Two posters including the dvd in the later years.i even bought the blue ray disc of Terminator Two.i was so impressed by this film that it became a part of my life.

Terminator 2 :- Judgment Day came in 1991 ,July 1. it was the sequel to the first movie The  Terminator which came in 1984.T2 was the costliest movie of its time ,the budget going over 90,000,000 dollars and the most successful one also in the year of its release.Film won many awards including ever so precious Oscars in the Best make up,Best sound,Best sound editing and Best visual effects.the movie became a land mark in film technology where it used eye popping visual effects, high octane stunts and action,in particular the chase scenes were simply breath taking.

Directed by the legendry film maker Sir James Cameron and co written by William Wisher Jr this film had got its place in history.there can’t be no other film maker better than James Cameron to make the sequel of Terminator and James proved this after the Terminator 2 release.

The Cyborg who once tried to kill Sarah Conner in the first film The Terminator must now save her son John Conner the future leader from even more advanced and deadly Terminator ,The this kind of idea can only come in the genius mind like James Cameron.

Unlike the first movie this time Arnold was the saviour to John Connor played by Edward Furlong.i believe this is the best movie Edward had ever got.Arnold played an iconic Terminator which was about to make him even more famous and he did complete justice to it. Robert Patrick as the more advanced Terminator The T-1000 looked good because of his fast pace running speed and flexibility.Linda Hamlinton ,i guess was amazing in her performance because she was the mother of her son who she had to save from the T-1000 at all cost.Linda portrayed her role almost perfectly and she was simply superb in emotional scenes.

No words about how good was the direction in this film.James Cameron simply wrote history when he directed this movie.the title music score for the both Terminator films by Brad Fiedel are still so famous that we have so many re-mixes on them.i got so impressed by the title music score that I even downloaded it in my I pod to listen to it over and over again.

This was the near perfect movie,which came good in almost all the department and it was like that James Cameron can’t get Terminator series wrong.amazing story ,action sequences,stunts,mind blowing sound ,formidable performances by all the actors,best special effects of its time,brilliantly directed,this movie talk about how the films should be made.anyone who is into films and even consider making a carrer in film making ,should not miss this film.this film is a mile stone movie and is there in the all time favourite list of almost all the movie lovers on this planet,including me who was ever so mad about films and when I saw this one I became even more crazy about films.i thank my star the day when I saw this film, it was the turning point of my life which taught me that film making is not only about what we see on screen but its also about living your passion.