For her it was an ACCIDENT – To me it was my DESTINY

An old man ,frail looking , not walking with the help of a stick , with a cell phone in his upper pocket ,comes to Finsbury Park,sits on a bench and does nothing,he just sits there from morning to evening.he carries a bag ,in which he got a bottle of milk,three sandwiches,a newspaper,a bottle of water,a pen , a notepad and couple of eye glasses.he just sits there with all these items in his bag from morning to evening and don’t move till 6 pm.who is the man ? why is he here ? what makes him do this everyday? is he normal or abnormal? or is he waiting for someone ?

These are the questions which always used to pop up in my mind everytime when i used to see this man at Finsbury Park.he always encouraged me to ask questions with his daily routine.but i never had a courage but one day i did get an oppertunity.

Not long ago when i was in London,i used to live in Finsbury Park.Finsbury Park is an amazing neighbourhood to live has a huge commercial park for people which is also known as Finsbury Park.since Finsbury Park is quite big the entire locality got a name under this park.i had great time staying here since it was really nice neighbourhood with everything available and nice people and yes offcourse not to forget a huge park.

I was in the habbit of going to the park and jog for about an was really nice since it had made my entire day and i always felt like full of energy at work throughout.

This was the time in the morning when i used to see this old man coming to the park and sit on the bench ,he used to stay there for long period of time.well i never had any idea for how long he stayed there since morning but i was told by people that this man stays here since morning till evening.

It was amazing ,i was here in this locality for quite sometime now but  i had never seen  a man with this mental toughness and at this age , i guess the way he looked like he must be about 70 plus.Either winter ,rain ,summer or spring but this man never missed a single day to come to Finsbury Park.

There are plenty of old folks used to come to the park for walking at night or in the morning but this one stayed in my mind for his unusual attitude.he really intrigued me and others also,where others decided not to speak to this old man and left him on his own i decided to walk up to him and talk.

I had this in my mind for quite a long time but i never got courage to speak to him coz i was hesitant. but i knew the day will come and i will ask him the question i had in my mind for so long.i had not to wait for too long and the day came when i got a chance to talk to him.slowly and slowly i approached him,i was breathing heavily and was tense.

I sat right next to him, he looked at me and i looked right into his eyes.for some reason i cud not get my eyes off him,his eyes were still so young ,it felt like that his eyes were dieing to shed tears or were waiting for someone.he looked at me, deep into my eyes and i looked into his. i smiled at him and he smiled too.

Even before i asked him a question he said

OLD MAN :- You must be thinking who i am and what i am doing here ?

ME :-  ‘Yes sir you are right ‘

OLD MAN:-  ‘I am staying here in this locality for a very long time now and i have lived here ever since i met my girlfriend.

i was kind of confused i said ‘what sir what ?

OLD MAN :-  ‘I had a girl friend who i loved from the bottom of my heart, i loved her so much that i left everything for her to be with her.she was the only one i loved in my entire life, i loved her till eternity.we had so many plans , we planned about our future,we planned about our kids and everything one couple would plan for.we were committed to each other ,we were loyal,honest and faithfull to each other .

ME :-  ‘Sounds really nice to me ‘so she must be very happy with you right ,since she got a man who loved her so much ,right ‘ ?

OLD MAN :-  ‘She is not with me son ‘.

I was like ok, what’s going on here .

ME :-  ‘Oh ok ! what happened then ?’

OLD MAN :- ‘ One day she left and left me a message which reads ‘It was an accident .you and me meeting together was an accident.she left me here all alone to fight against all odds and i am still waiting for her ,because i knew she loved me too and i still love her ,my love for her never fainted and it grew more and more and more with every day and every night. she left me, son.

I was in the state of shock i did not know how to react what to say ,what to do.

OLD MAN :- ‘ But i don’t blame her son,may be i was not the guy for her ,she  married to someone offcourse ,i always wanted to see her happy and fine ,i don’t know where is she now but all i want her to be happy and fine where ever she is.

My throat was chocked and i was speechless ,i saw a man who was in love and still in love with the girl he lived with ages ago and he is still with her.

OLD MAN :- ‘Our love story started right here on this bench when one day she came here and sat right next to me ,right here on this bench we smiled and kissed each other , right here on this bench we hugged and planned for future,this is the bench where it all started son,this is where it all started and this is where she left me a note ,but i still believe that one day my baby will come to me and will see how much i loved her.i never wanted anything in life but her and her happiness but she left me with my share of happiness, sweet memories to cherish ,the time i spent with her will here to stay with me forever.i come here on this bench every single day since i know that she is still here right next to me on this bench and watching me the way she used to do it.

I could not stop there for long next to the old man , i walked away from him silently without saying a word , i knew that his wait will never be over and he is happy being in this condition since he loved one woman and could not loved another,he was so loyal and faithful that he still come to the same place where he met her and still believe that she will come to him.

It was 6 pm and i saw this old man walking away from the bench slowly and slowly ,slowly slowly he fades away from my eyes ,i knew, it was the time for him to go home and reboot himself for another day where he will come again and sit on this bench for the entire day where he met his sweetheart ages ago.For his sweetheart it was an accident but to him it was his destiny.

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