10 reasons why i should destroy this planet

When i was born ,i was like any other baby.had no idea about this world.had no knowledge what so ever about anything.i was just raw.a baby with nothing but growing with time.i don’t even remember when was the first time i opened my eyes.i have no clue about the first thing i saw when i opened my eyes.i don’t remember how was the world like when i came into this planet.i grew a little and started speaking, i remember asking my parents, “mom – dad how big is this planet ” ? , ” is this earth flat ” ?  “can i touch the sun if i reach the end of this world ” ? these are the kind of innocent questions i used to ask my parents ,like any other kid.i was happy, i was indeed happy.i was so happy being in human form.i was delighted to see that i got this oppertunity from god to live like human.anything which an animal can’t do i am able to do.god has gifted me with one brain ,two hands ,two legs and an ability to walk straight.its a perfect gift from god.when i was little i used to think like this and it had always made me very happy.off-course i had less knowledge about the world outside.my only world was my home and things which i used to see on television.cartoons like He-man , Spider man,Super man,Jungle book were my favourite.Cartoons meant for kids had always brought smile to my face.in those days when the television programes were still new to indian television, most of the time i used to watch what my parents allowed me to.things like educational ,something on animals or family drama or cartoons.yes i was little and very young to make this decision on what to watch and what not to watch but my brain was running.anything which ran on television had made me happy.may be innocent growing mind was not good enough to judge what is really going on behind the scenes.

It was not until i joined school and started my education.it was in mid 1980’s.i got the hint of this world or what this world might be like.i got bullied by my class mates,i got support from my best pals,i got into fight and also showed love and affection.i still remember my first love.you will be surprised to know that i started dating quite early in my life.i was in fifth class and my girl friend was in second class.i have no idea how this all had happened.but we were kids and we were in true love.we used to say ” i love you ” to each other on regular basis.can you imagine a kid who is only in 5th class and a girl in 2nd class can be in love ?do they really understand what love is ? but yes that’s what it was,it was love.an innocent love.this girl friend of mine was  “Geeta “.yes this is what her name was “Geeta “.she had been my girl friend for two years.and just the way it happened without even anyone’s notice,she disappeared from my life.but memories of our love affair is still alive in my mind and i hope its alive in her mind too.how can you ever forget your first love experience ,no you can’t , oh well ! i can’t.i remember the days when we used to share gifts during valentine’s day.i used to make cards for her with colors and pencils on papers.and she had often bought me those cute hot-wheels cars,which were famous toys those days.those times are still alive like they are only from yesterday.

We kids were just kids growing with life and with every passing second.we had no idea how this life is going to be ,we had no clue how this world is going to shape up but yet we had a dream of better future,a better life and a better planet.since then i have seen so much that i can easily write a book on my experiences.i have not seen everything but i have my share of enough knowledge and experience which is good enough for me to make my own judgement.today i can see the world with my own eyes and can understand what is going on behind the scenes.i can make choices on what to watch and what not to watch on television.i can take decision on the best options available for me. i can pick the best career options for myself,i can set goals which i want to achieve in my life.everything which a mature man should do i can do and today at this age where i am strong enough to take care of myself and able to shape up my life as i want to, i can safely say that give me a chance i will destroy this planet.

Give me an oppertunity i will destroy this planet right now.everything which has a begning has an end but my choice of destroying this planet is not based on this. i have my own judgements on the basis of which i want to destroy this planet and want this planet earth to meet its fate.i have seen long enough and my thoughts are strong enough to support this theme of destruction and i have my own reasons to spell doom on this planet and to which i guess most of the people will agree.make me a Superman ,He-man ,Spiderman give me all those super powers,rather than making use of my great powers for man kind’s upliftment i would prefer to cast doom on mankind.

Here are the ten reasons that why i should destroy this planet .

Reason 1 :- Global over population

When in school, we were told that our planet earth is 70% water and 30% land.oh ! what a shame.its an added  pain on already painful scenes around the world.global over population is a big problem today.it has become a major issue.planet earth’s population is 100 billion today and increasing as i write this post.india alone is 121 crore i.e 1.20 billion people and counting.that’s a lot of people in india alone.now what to do ? things have gone beyond control and no one can stop it.more population means more demand and we don’t have enough to feed this over growing population.good reason for me to destroy this planet. i don’t want to live in over populated  place.i want to have a peace of mind which i can’t get in today’s world.give me the super powers i will destroy this planet right now for good and for one legal valid reason.

Reason 2 :- Poverty                                         

I don’t know since when i am reading the same story that india is a developing country.when in school it was in the books saying india is a developing country,in college reading the same thing india is a developing country and even now when i reads a news paper,watch television.its a same old story saying the same old thing that india is a developing country and belongs to the third world.for how long we going to say the same thing over and over  again for how long its going to be like this ? it has to end sometime,some day.what kind of development is this when its not really happening or development is at the pace of an elephant.it is still the same , nothing much has changed so far.its a same old story India is a developing country.we see big malls,multiplexes,commercial buildings and right next to it we see slums,poverty stricken people,living life in man made hell. any idea how many kids sleep without food every night ?its not just india but its the case of entire world.our future generations who have yet to live their entire life go to bed without food.god knows if they get any thing to eat during the day time also.its a matter of big concern.man should eat to live not live to eat but in today’s world of hunger when there is no food at all to feed billion lives,man should live to eat.if man has to survive in this world to live for tomorrow its time to eat now.but like i said things have gone beyond our control and can’t do anything about it.i don’t want another kid going to sleep without food.i don’t want to see any kid crying for food.don’t want to see tears in their eyes,don’t want to see pain in their stomach.how bad this can be ,humans have not been able to sustain natural resources to feed the young one’s.we give them birth bring them on this planet with a promise to give the best they can ask for.but are we really helping the cause ? no we are not and we can’t because the situation has gone beyond our control and we can’t undo it now.no matter how hard we try but it can’t be undone.we can’t take it back in time where it was at its best.since its so bad now which is beyond our control,best option is to kill everything.destroy this planet to finish all this pain and hunger and start again.one valid and good reason for me to destroy this planet.

Reason 3 :- Unemployment

We aspire for success in life.for this we go for costly and higher education.we dream of  becoming an achiever.we study 20 – 25 years of our lives to get quality jobs.investing so much money on education and hoping for fruitful return.at our young age, our parents set goals for us later we decide what we want to do ,what we want to become.in my case i decided to be what i always wanted to be.in general we give our everything,we sacrifice our childhood to fulfill our or other’s aspirations.

Take this ! there is an opening for a customer service executive with a multi national firm.i am very excited to apply for this job because i full fill the criteria.i am educated,i got degree,i have good command over language,i am confident and passionate.there is every chance that i will get this job.but listen am i the only one going for this job ? am i the only one who is passionate or confident enough to do this job ? no i am not.there are thousands in the line just like me.i will have to beat them all to get this job.only one job posting and thousands applications ,who will get the job ? off- course only one candidate.but is that going to be me ? well if i play my cards right and get lucky ,it will be me. why not ? but why has the situation like this arises ?each and every problem we are facing today on this planet is interlinked.over growing population has resulted in less opportunities,specially for the younger generation.most of the youth today is unemployed.they have a degree ,they have quality education but they don’t have jobs.they can’t meet their two ends.they can survive but they can’t enjoy life.that’s because they can’t make money to buy what they wish to buy to enjoy life.most of the students today are confused on what to learn and how to earn.they don’t know what subject will benefit them since there is so much unemployment and unemployment in almost every country.no jobs because of end number of reasons.less number of options available for today’s human.best option for me is to destroy this world.we have reached the stage where we can’t undo this.we have very less opportunities available for young generation and for the generations to come.another valid reason for me to destroy this planet.

Reason 4 :- Pollution

In the world of today where more than a million people are suffering from breathing problems and lung disorders,its not hard to imagine why people are advocating for healthy lifestyle.but its too late now for us to advocate for anything.things have gone beyond our control now.which we can not reverse.gone are the days when our city and skyline was good enough to breathe healthy.gone are the days when outside was good enough for us to do some breathing exercise.gone are the days when we had chance to live pure and think pure.today city skyline and the air we breathe in has gone dirty beyond measures.all this industrialization has done nothing but has made our lives even more difficult. pollution has not only affected our lives on land but has also posed a threat to marine life.most of the rivers in india are dirty beyond imagination.prime example is river Yamuna.Delhi govt has launched so many schemes to clean river yamuna and invested millions of dollars to implement the same but nothing happend.draft was set to make it as clean as river Thames but to no avail.all the time and money invested into the project has gone in the gutter.in a city where you see more vehicles than humans ,polluted air is a common thing.can’t even imagine how much pollution we have created so far.its hard to breathe in an air outside.mask is a must thing today.no wonder why people are getting more health hazards than ever before.i don’t want to breathe in polluted air.i don’t want my kids to have health problems.why even go any further.simply shut it down.my another good and valid point to destroy this world.i don’t want to live in a world which does not even have a fresh air to breathe.so destroy it.

Reason 5 :- Corruption                                                                        

Honesty is the best policy.This is what we have learn in school.it was the time when we used to do anything bad or dishonest we had  got bashed by our parents or school teachers.in books also its mentioned that follow honesty and success will follow you.well this theme not seems to be working these days anymore.time has changed and so as people.count the numbers,those who have followed honesty have fallen behind and those who followed dishonesty have gone ahead of those who followed the path of honesty.india is one of the most corrupt country today ,why ? its because most of the people here have become dishonest,they can drive  fruitful results quickly and easily by following this path.india is under the world scanner for its scams.name any party or body which does not have corrupt people working or have criminal charges.they all have ,you will hardly find any honesty today in the govt or society.multi billion dollars have gone into the pockets of corrupt politicians.those politicians who have responsibility of taking care of this country but the same one’s are making holes in it.

Accourding to the survey by transparency international (ti) about 54% percent indians paid bribe last year and India is at levels with Cambodia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Senegal, Uganda and Liberia.

By this metric, India is the ninth most corrupt country in the world, in a ranking of 86 countries, with 54% of people reporting having paid a bribe. War-torn Iraq (56%) and Afghanistan (61%) suffer worse levels than India, as do nations such as Liberia (89%), Uganda (86%), Nigeria (63%), Sierra Leone (71%), Senegal (56%) and Cambodia (84%).

I hate corruption since its not only affect an ordinary man’s life in a big way but also the development of a society and country.i firmly believe that we can’t get rid of corruption now since it has gone beyond the level of containment.so its a good reason for me to destroy this planet on these grounds.

Reason 6 :- Crime

Crime has been part of humans for generations.ever since man has walked this planet he has been involved in crimes directly or indirectly,intentionally or by mistake.its something which always happen for a reason.there is no crime which has no motive.we have committed or still commit crimes for number of reasons.to fulfill our selfishness and desires we do what we should not do.we even forget that our actions will affect someone’s life deeply.but we have no business with it. if we had taken this into an account we may not have commited crimes to fulfill our desires.but we still do because we have become hostile and have lost emotions to cope with human sentiments.crimes has been part of life and still exist in society.its all in the brain.we do what we think we should do even if it is wrong,we do it if it solve a purpose.we know doing it may harm someone but we still do it because it solve our purpose.number of crimes have remained unsolved till date ,some of the crimes been solved but the question remains why human indulge himself in crime.man and woman both do crimes but the rate at which man has commited crimes is more than woman.god did’nt give us brains to mis use its powers.there is so much we can do with our brains but we use it to help our cause by harming other’s.we humans understand everything ,we know what is wrong and what is right but still we do wrong,we do crimes.is this ever going to change ? no its not because human works like this.every human on this planet has the ability to commit crime.since the bar of crime has gone beyond measure and it can’t be undone ,its good reason for me to kill and destroy this planet.i don’t want to kill human one by one ,its a murder but destroying a planet at once will give me relief that i had not killed humans i simply destroyed the planet with all the murderers.

Reason 7 :- Endangered species

Animals have walked this earth even before man came into evolution.its said life formed in water though the theory kept on changing since then.our ancestors were animals.Chimps,Monkey,Guerrilla were before us and they walked this planet even before we developed more and our brain grew.it was cycle of growth and development which took about million years to zero down to what we are today ‘Human’.as our brains developed we invented path breaking technologies.we got use to techno life so much that now we can’t even think of life without it.since man first got his hands on fire we have come a long way down to 21st century.its been a cycle of evolution.but its not only humans who have come this far,its also an evolution of animals and mammals.animals came before humans so technically they ruled and rule this planet.but what we are gifted with,unfortunately animals are not.we have brains and we are the most intelligent species to walk this planet.its only because of our brains that we rule this world.our brain is so advanced that we can use it for reasoning,logical thinking,emotions,aptitude and the rest.animals can’t do that.animals are more dangerous and stronger than humans but its our brain which makes us even more dangerous than anything else on this planet.animals have lived with us for a very long time now.animals like dogs,horse,elephants,dolphins have been honest and loyal friends to humans.but what to say about humans who have killed humans for their interest.how can we stay behind when it comes to fulfilling our interest by killing innocent animals.animals can’t talk to humans but they do have social life and do interact with each other in their own ways.animals are unable to convey their message to us but they can surely show emotions,pain,anger and sorrow.but we don’t take this into consideration and simply slaughter them easily without even showing any emotions and remorse.we have killed millions of animals and species have become endangered.how many species have already gone extinct ,its hard to count.we have killed animals,mammals for number of reasons and still killing them.its hard to imagine how man has become cold over the time and show no pain in killing animals.i have myself seen so many programmes on television and video’s on youtube showing killing of animals which shakes me from head to toe and fills me with pain but unfortunately we don’t feel any pain even after seeing all this happening around the world.we have already killed so many animals that we can’t undo it now.the species which have already extinct can’t be roll back.humans have not seen even some of the animals which got extinct.think about the generation to come,for them its only going to be in pictures and on television to watch that this kind of animal once walked this earth.i don’t know what to say but its simply painful to watch all this happenning around you and even more painful to see that you belong to the same human race which is killing them.animals are very less in number and human is gaining strength every day.i don’t want this to happen.good reason for me to destroy this planet.on the planet where we don’t pay respect to another species, its always good to destroy it.

Reason 8 :- War 

Ever since man has walked this planet,he has been into war games.be it video games or for real.take any time of an ancient civilization there have been wars among cultures and kings.in the modern era its been two wars which has changed the face of this world.world war 1 which was fought in between 28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918 and world war 2 in between 1 September 1939 – 2 September 1945.we are at the brink of world war 3 and it can happen any time.well we are already in world war 3.fight against terrorism is a world war three.in a war someone wins and someone losses.but its not the question of who wins and who loose.its about why do we need war?why do we have to fight ? why we have to remain divided in already border divided nations ?all the countries and nations have there own borders with border security forces which don’t allow any one to pass without any legal authority.we are already divided so why further division ?fights,wars and battles have never done any good to any country.we all are interdependent.we do business together ,we are into trading.wars spoils all this,it spoils relationships between the countries and it directly affects the citizens.god knows how many people have lost their lives in wars.some fought wars to rule the world,some for political interest,some for the throne,for kings,for queens.but war is war.loss of life is a must in wars.no war has ever been fought without human loss.that’s why i call no war.why we humans can’t live together as one?why we can’t just live in peace?when we see disturbing image of battles and wars on TV,newspapers,internet or magzines  its shakes us from inside.

we don’t need war to win over this world.we don’t need to fight with each other to advocate superiority.we don’t want political disputes just to impose new rules and regulations on citizens.we don’t need any of this.we simply can remain calm and together to form a world we dream about.a world of peace and love where we want our kids to grow.childrens with better future and with new hope ,a ray of light.but all this seems to be a fairy tale now.we are on the verge of world war three already fighting war against terrorism.how can we expect a world without pain,sacrifice these days.god knows how many people have lost their lives so far.many more people will do if world war three happens.but why go that far or wait for it happen.i am the man with super powers who can destroy this planet. since i don’t want to see any other war killing more than million people let me destroy this planet instantly ,killing any possibility of world war.good reason for me destroy this planet on this excuse.

Reason 9 :- Global Warming

When you go to bed every night hoping for a better day tomorrow,you take a good night sleep to wake up in the morning, fresh.you see the sunshine and see flowers blossom.you take shower,brush your teeth,eat breakfast and get ready to leave for work.you see yourself in the mirror,you are looking at your best.finally you leave the home.but there is something waiting for you.if you are in cold place ,expect extreme cold climate where you don’t even wish to go out and if you are in hot place ,expect extreme hot weather conditions where you will sweat from head to toe.blame the sun or clouds for extreme cold weather or rainy season its us humans are to blame the most.we are at mercy of nature.we can’t challenge it and can’t win it.be it  tsunami,earthquake,storm,tornado’s we have always been defeated against these forces of nature.now as the global warming has gone beyond control we are paying the price by living with it.we can’t escape it.so we have to live with it.there is a hole in the ozone layer which allows harmful ultra voilet  rays to enter the earth’s atmosphere.it causes skin problems and trouble to eyes.temperature also has been on the rise all the time and there is no looking back.water level is on the rise,glaciers are melting in the arctic.so many low land areas are at the risk of getting drowned.but we can’t undo it and can’t stop it.can’t reverse it.so it has to happen.i don’t want to die of global warming or by getting drowned in the water.so let me destroy this planet for this one reason.this earth is not a place to live any more.

Reason 10 :- Aliens                                                                      Aliens have been visiting this planet for ages now and its no secret anymore.our govt has links with aliens its not a secret either.aliens are our friends or foe its hard to tell unless they show themselves.i firmly believe the time has come when aliens can appear anytime now.but we have been searching for aliens for very long time and have no clue if there is life beyond our planet.we have gone to moon and now we are planning to set colonies on mars and still looking for life on moon or mars but we don’t have any evidence yet that there is life on other planets.there have been thousands of ufo sightings so far.so many video’s of ufo’s captured hovering in the sky.people have even claimed alien abductions.so aliens are here for some reason.but why they are not showing up ? its us ,humans.they don’t want to get in touch with humans.may be they have realized that humans are hostile and violent species.may be they think that once they make contact we will capture them and will misuse their technology.its said that united states army has already captured ufo and got the alien technology.well so many theories and speculations.whatever it would be but one thing is sure that aliens don’t want to show themselves because of our hostile and violent nature.may be they are here to help us ,if they had to destroy us they could have done it by now.so i believe they are here to help but they don’t show up.what’s the point of living in a society where a different race hesitates to help.so i should destroy this plant on this note.

Every thing i have mentioned above is all my theory and i go by it.i throughly support what i said and live with it.give me super powers and i will indeed destroy this planet for the reasons i mentioned above.i am not looking for people to agree and disagree with my thoughts,but i also believe that most of the people will buy it.its a self destructing nature of us HUMANS which is about to meet its fate any time sooner.

I have conducted a poll,lets see what do you think and how much you support my theory.

2 thoughts on “10 reasons why i should destroy this planet

  1. The World in Crisis

    The world is in crisis, what do we do? Over here, over there, everywhere, pollution, contamination, demoralization and starvation. What do we do? Corporations pumping into our air and dumping into our rivers and oceans. Our planet is not your sewer and our lungs are not your beds. Our children are not your slaves but our governments do not care! Raping, mining, kidnapping, guns and factories, nothing can compare. Overpopulation, deregulation, smog infested intestines. Why, why, why? Trafficking and poverty, nowhere to run! Am I safe here with my kids to enjoy life and not care? How can I rejoice when the the whole world is stunned? I cannot conceive nor do I believe! No, this can’t be! I beg for a black hole to consume Earth, emancipate “invincible children” along with the Vaticans! Force upon child abductors and exploiters a place of never ending cataclysmic torture. Rein down on our greedy humans inflicting pain which never ends until the last species of fish, and all things which breath and every single particle is fully contented to knowing “OUR” price for life was fully endured. End our planets misery.

  2. I agree, humans are and have always been evil. They will never evolve beyond what they are now, which is what they’ve always been, cruel individuals enjoying the suffering of others who think only of themselves. I wish humans die out fast, this “life” is a total travesty.

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