An idea can change your life.i have heard this million times before.but how many times have we seen people using it to their benefit ? well we have an example or say successful examples of people who have used it and now they are one in a millions.take mark zuckerberg of facebook or shaun parker of napster.they are the creators of their respective idea came into their mind and they worked on it.what then was only an idea changed the life of millions around the the question is we have billions of people around us who have different ways of thinking,visualizing,interpreting,socializing and blah blah blah.why it is that only few of those can come up with path breaking ideas ? imagine the world with a million path breaking and extraordinary ideas out of billion people.if we use all those ideas for the benefit of human kind ,what this world would be like is anybody’s guess.well my guess is that this world is not going be world any more it will become an ocean of ideas.a tsunami of ideas which will change the world we look at now.a different world but same people.think you got any idea today ? pen it down on paper ,see if can works and change your life and lives of people around you.think how it can different from the rest.think,think,think,well sounds like an easy task but thats what we lack the most the power of thinking.lets use it and lets create an idea.because we all together can create a tsunami of ideas