I Hate People

You heard me right .i hate people.i do hate people indeed.i am not joking.i am not drunk and i have not lost my mind.i was fine yesterday,i am fine today and i hope and believe that i will do fine tomorrow.time will come and go,this world will change but one thing will remain the same,i hate people.i hate everyone around me.when i was born and opened my eyes ,saw this world through my eyes.like any other kid i grew up in my locality playing games with other kids.i went to school,learnt how to write and speak in english.joined college got my degree.looked for job and started working with reputed multi national company.i can safely say that my journey has been very  smooth at professional level.this is because every one was so nice to me and supported me.every where i went people greeted me with respect and gave me importance.every one was just so nice.so why it is that i am saying that i hate people ?

When you go out of your lovely home and encounter this world ,you see thousands and thousands of people.people with different attitudes,behaviors,way of talking,different visions,different thoughts,different culture.you tend to socialize with the group of people and think  you gona develop yourself into a good human being.nice thought though.but things don’t work exactly the way it should be sometimes.things don’t work the way you expect.you remain positive and alert to see what’s happening around you.you try to gain as much as you can from the world.you know that  you can’t do it alone.you know that u are not a superhero or something which will let you do things so magically which will take this world by storm.well these things happen only in movies.only because real life is different from what we see on screen.but still you remain optimistic and hope for good things happen to you.but as i said earlier things don’t really work the way you want them to.why is that?

This is why i hate people.i hate people to the hilt.its people around you and this hostile world which is full of people who are like that and you should be hating them.yeah you should be.you are alone my friend.you are all alone.no one is with you.thinking that you will have all the support from your loved one’s.your boyfriend,girlfriend,husband,wife,kids,parents,cousins,brother and sisters will support no ,it does’nt work like that.never.you are on your own.hate people for end number of reasons.see what is happenning around you.when you were sick last night, was there someone to help you ,may b there was but was he or she with you leaving most important job ?no ! right ,no.this never happens.never.there are people who just wana pull you down mate.they just wana kill you.they just wana ignore you,wana give you no attention.oh yeah u say you got all the talent in the world but have u given an oppertunity ? no you have not ? so what to do? hate people ? yes u should hate people.its not wrong if you hate people.you will not hate 100 billion people.you will hate those who hate you and did bad to you.but hate them coz you can’t love everyone.hating is good at least you will not be taken for granted.


dheeraj gautam

One thought on “I Hate People

  1. I know where your’e coming from & I think you should check out this song (one of my all time favorites!)

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