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You wake up very morning ,after having a good night sleep.what’s the first thing you do ? no i am not talking about you going to the loo or brushing your teeth or sipping your favourite coffee.well i guess you have not figured it out yet.i will help you.have you got computer or laptop back home ? or may b an i pad.well apple is about to launch an i pad i suspect even if you don’t have laptop or computer you an i pad at your disposal which you can buy from the market.

Ok i am not here talking technical or here to discuss about computers but about something which helps you become a blogger.or say will help you in venting your heart out or may be which works as a punch bag.yeah a punch bag.if not a punch bag it lets you become a writer.ever thought about making an online diary,yeah it lets you do that too.

So if you are into blogging it helps you in many ways.lets say you are going through tough times,you cry all night,you have lots of problems,you don’t know how to deal with all those are sick,fought with your girl friend or with your boy friend,some one died in your family,some one has been lost,natural calamities or corruption has made you sick,so all in all you are so fed up with all this ,you just wana pour your heart in my view blogging is one of the tool which you can use.if you can’t find someone’s shoulder to cry on,in this regard you can take help of can write your heart out and leave it for other’s to read.

But its not only for pain or sorrow you can also share your joy with the world.or if you don’t wana share it with this planet you can simply use it as punching bag just like a boxer who use it for his purpose.yeah it works ,well it works for me ,should work for you.don’t be lonely.don’t be upset and don’t be loner.all it takes one little step forward to open up your heart and get that heal which you have been waiting for .


So get those computers and laptops on and start blogging.










dheeraj gautam


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