If you are wondering that this girl is showing her middle finger to me ,then your guess is correct.she is indeed showing  her middle finger to me.this is one of my best friend Camila from Brazil.she was with me in london and we had good time together.she is very funny and love to go out.

This is kitchen when she was talking to another friend of our and i had this cannon d80 dslr camera in my hand.i was just playing with it and as i saw her in the kitchen i clicked it but she was even more faster then the camera’s shutter and she quick enough to show me her middle finger.

This is one of my fav pic and i just love it.i even gave her the print out of this pic.i took this to my college to show it my mates and lecturers they all liked it ,my photographic lecturer Mr Rod Morris liked it so much that he even allowed me to showcase this pic in an exhibition.

camila is indeed one hell of a model and she gave my one of my best pics i have ever taken


dheeraj gautam