when i helped a woman in distress



Few days ago , i was going back to my home along with my friend . we had finished our russian language classes at 8:30 pm  and were walking along the road talking on number of topics. we had a cup of tea and sipped all the way and enjoying the generous weather which was for some reason was little too generous that night. we were in CP , indian manhattan . it was late at night and roads had started to deserted. as we reached metro station we saw a woman in conversation with an auto driver. we did not pay any attention to it because it was not our business and it was a common sight. as we stepped on to the stairs of metro station , woman came to me and asked for a change , she was carring 500 indian rupee and had no change to give it to auto driver. she was a young woman in t shirt and jeans with a bag on her back , it appeared that she was coming from some classes. she looked like college goer. she asked if i have money to give it to auto driver because auto driver had no change and she had no change either. she also said that auto driver had charged too much money which he should not. its a common case with auto drivers in delhi so i was not surprised ed. i asked my friend for a change as i too was not carrying any change. unfortunately that day neither of us was carrying any change , we never had to because we had metro card with money in it so we never had to worry about any paper money.

Me and my friend we looked at each other , did not know how to  help helpless young woman , in general people leave if they are unable to help someone , and in this case it was a mere change of money. 80% of the time people will leave. only 20% of them will stick around to see any help can be provided. likewise my friend was asking me to leave as we are about to enter the station and train was approaching. i could have left too but i was not ready to leave , i wanted to stay there until gets money from someone. my friend asked me many times to move as she was a stranger and she was not our concern but i was thinking otherwise, i was thinking that she is also someone’s daughter , she will too become someone’s wife and mother , i can’t let her stay here at night and asking for money from strangers. its dangerous for her to go around with men. above all auto driver will  not let her go.

i could see her tense and she knew that she is in trouble and she is a lonely woman alone outside the station late at night with not many people around. i decided to stay till she get the money and she failed to get any money from anyone. she i decided to help. i reached to her and asked if i can pay money to auto driver , she of course rejected my decision but i insisted and later she allowed me to pay , i was not seeking for her approval anyway in this situation but i thought may be out of courtesy  i should ask her. so i paid from my pocket and i paid more than the entire expense as i too had no change so i had to give whatever i had in  my pocket. she resisted not to do it but i was ready , after all it was only money.

auto driver of course was happy , her got fortune. he left. and that woman had sigh of relief. she looked at me and said thank you , i said , its alright. and then she rushed towards the station. this what i wanted , rush towards the station. i friend was of course looking at me with mischief and called me stupid of course but i am not here seek someone permission and someone’s judgement about what he or she think about me. i was happy with what i did and i think it was need of an hour to help someone in need and i was feeling good about it. that woman might be thinking that i am an idiot or she might be praising me for my steps which i took.

She left to her home safely , i was happy .

“A man should clinch his fist only to save woman not to destroy her.”

Distance to cover


Recently i came across an article which was about a man from india who travels about
250 km to do his duty.he drives a car and go all the way to do his job and
covers 200 plus kilometres.he also returns from his duty in the evening and
covers the same distance so in all he complete a stretch of 500 km. all in one
day. So you can imagine the time he spend on roads. He leaves his family about
5 hours prior to job so that he can reach in time. When he returns home most of
his family members go to sleep. So because of the distance he covers , his social
life , family life also gets affected . But as they say duty calls. So he does
his duty with utmost responsibility.

people wonder why So much sacrifice for one job which is so far from home? I do
not wish to travel this much even if I get paid heftily. I have life besides
work which is important to me and so as the case with everyone. But even then
sometimes we give more importance to work than life because we know
life can’t be without work. We can’t earn our living without a job. To survive
in this world we must move out of our home and sweat hard to help ourselves and
others. No one is going to help you for free and you can’t expect anyone to
come forward and support you as everyone is concern about worries and hardships
life brings to them.

I also
see people travel far distance to earn their living. Even though they hate
their job and do not wish to continue with their services because they don’t
want to cover far distance.but they have no choice and have no option but to
continue with their job and travel. What makes them do they don’t want
to do ? What makes them continue with something they don’t wish to do ? Why do
we see limited options for ourselves? Why do we limit ourselves to small things
and shy away from big changes?

This is
because we don’t wish to take risks and we do not want to leave our comfort
zone. We want things to be simple and not complicated. But those who take risks
often end up with something new while others don’t. People cover miles and
miles in search of something new and when we don’t find it we settle for

We cover
lot of distance for our duty but how far we can go? This is something which
only you can answer.



Very few of us have the courage to fight for others.most of us fight for themselves , a
sense of selfishness , pain for others but not for us , greediness , others
should be poor but we should be rich. We should have everything we need but we
don’t care much about others. How hostile this world has become. We don’t want to live but also don’t want to die because we have so many objectives and
so many ambitions that a life of hundred years seem short. We want more and
more and we want more of everything which include our lives. But unfortunately
we don’t have enough time and enough reason for others.

Recently I was going through an article which was about eye donation. How many of us
donate eyes for less fortunate people who can’t see ? Answer is obvious , very
few of us do that. We are about 7 billion people on this planet but very few of
us think about donating our eyes this is because most of us are always tied to
our daily routine and commitments.


Eyes are life and life is vision. If we can’t see we can’t live. Spare a thought about
those who are less fortunate and can’t see . How different is their lives from
us and how they live. It’s so tough.imagine life without eyes and everything
will be dark. Even a thought about it , is scary. Think about those people who
are without eyes. How tough its for them to survive. How difficult its for them
to perform daily task. How tough its for them to socialise with people on
regular basis. It’s tough.

Think about how simple we can make life for them if we contribute our bit. How easy it can be for them to do their regular task if we help them. How happy they can be if we do something to make them happy. We don’t have to buy expensive gifts for them or give them money or get them a job which pay hefty salary they don’t need. It’s of no use to them. What we should do, is
show them that they are strong and they don’t need support from anyone. We
should make them feel strong and make them feel valuable so that they can do
something with their lives instead they see themselves weak and burden to the


Many times people commit suicide when they feel that they are not important to
anyone , not loved by anyone and not valuable to the society they live in.
Sense of shame and insecurity sinks in and they shy away from meeting people ,
they hide in the closet and refrain themselves from any interaction. Some of
them start taking drugs to release there pain and confidence also takes a hit.

When anyone like this goes through pain it’s critical for us to
show our support to them so that they don’t feel isolated. If we isolate them
then it will become an excuse for them to hurt themselves. And as a human on
humanitarian grounds we show our willingness to help them.

Remember,we will not become strong by pulling someone down but by lifting someone up
the ladder.

People who come forward to help less fortunate are TITANS. They think about others
first before they think of themselves.for them others happiness is first and
their own joy is secondary. For them its important that you smile first , you
eat food first and you sleep first before they think about themselves. People
like these are Titans and its as simple as that because there are not many of
them in this world.

So be a

an escape


An escape

What is an escape ?

An escape is a way out of something which we don’t like or like.

Now it can be anything. you can also escape from something which you don’t want to loose or you can escape from something which is very close to your heart. We are scared of number of things and we have number of fears. We have insecurities but we don’t tell this to anyone only because we don’t want to tell anyone that we are weak. Being insecure is not a weakness but it’s natural for us to be insecure. That’s what make us humans. And a human will have an urge to escape from something.

Life is a box of chocolates as said in a famous Hollywood blockbuster “Forrest Gump”. But it’s not like this in actual life. We all hope that life will become a box of chocolate or at least close to it but things don’t fall in place as we expect them to be. Hence future is unpredictable and so we have insecurities. We all try to run from our insecurities as we don’t want to face them. We all want to be good and want to have good life but to make our life good we must go through hardships. If we don’t then life will have no motive and we don’t want to live without any objective.


So there is no escape from hardships and difficulties. We must toil and sweat hard to make our life purposeful. We must have a mind without any doubts when we begin our day. We must know what to do on a given day to get the job done. There are no excuses and there is no escape.

Some wise guy said “ two of the most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day when you know why.

Nobody tells us our purpose when we grow but as we come in contact with our society we realize that people around us are only to let us know our purpose. People teach us all the time and tell us what to do and what not to do. Life becomes a kind of show where we act but director is someone else and somebody writes a script.

You are time

You are time 


I often see people complaining or cribbing about time. Time which they don’t have.time which is defined in 24/7 for everyone but even then people have number of things to say about how less time they have for the activities they want to do. They crib about they are busy all day and have very less time for themselves. It’s also understandable and obvious to say that we all live very busy life. In times of technology where every month we have one smartphone launch in the market , where we see one brand new car on the roads and it populates the city but we don’t complain , in times of social activities which takes place on social media such as what’s app, viber, Facebook and MySpace, it’s an irony that we have so many tools available to make our lives simple but even then we find no time for ourselves.

We don’t need rocket science to understand what time is and how important it is for us. We don’t need to be an expert to understand how to make best use of our time. But unfortunately even then most of us fail miserably in this task and waste so much of our time which is so important to us.

The_Time_Traveler_by_xetobyteIf we use our time efficiently we can end up doing number of things in 24/7 schedule. We all want to do but we don’t do it , reason being that we don’t have willingness to do it.

Now let’s understand what is a willpower and why it’s so important. In fact it’s one of the most important aspect of our personality but we don’t pay attention to it. This is something which has us failed in number of ways but we are not ready to work on it. It’s our responsibility to focus on what we think is working against us. If we know what is going wrong and we know how to make it right , we can end up simplifying lot of things and can get tasks done.

In simple words will power is an urge from within to get the job the done. Either good or bad it’s applicable to both tasks.

 You are time. 


When I say you are time it simply means that time is in your control. In your control not in terms of time travel but in terms of time management. Efficient use of time can lead to efficient way of life.

How to help yourself ?

We have so many resources at our disposal to help ourselves and get number of jobs done in a day. We can watch videos from YouTube. There are number of channels and numerous experts to help you with time management. We can use keywords to browse information on Google and we can find number of blogs on time management.

Time business concept.We are in an age where making an excuse that we don’t know anything is itself an excuse to escape from what we can do.

I am not here to tell you the ways to manage your time. Because so much information is available at your desk and we can use the same to make our life better.

So show some willingness and get the  job done with no excuses.




I feel pity for you


I still remember the day when i saw your face for the first time and it was like a guiding light. i always see the sun shining in the sky but it was amazing to see you on earth like a sun shining for me.i still remember the day when i first touched you and kissed you and it was the moment we both waited for so long and so impatiently. we wanted to be together but god had different plans for us , it kept us waiting waiting and waiting or may be we both kept ourselves waiting for each other. we hoped that this wait would be over soon and we will be together holding each other arms and looking deep into each other eyes. i remember you said once you will never leave me and you loved me more than anything else on this planet . i still remember you said once i am the most important man in your life and you can not live without me. i remember everything and i can still recall all this like it was yesterday.

But i feel so sorry for those who love and they find later in a day that one of them is not honest and will part ways leaving you behind in tears and with heart aches. i feel sorry for those who think love is a blissful feeling but they don’t know that one of them is not going to stay for long and will move out of your life and will ask you to move on.


Have you moved on ? have you forgotten everything which you loved about and cared about and kept your past under the warps and felt like nothing had happened? have YOU moved on thinking that i wished i had never loved you so much because i had to bear so much pain ? have you moved on thinking that everything will be fine and its ok to leave someone who loved you so much in pain ?

My response is , that i moved on but only with your love. yes i cried and yes i wanted you back , i begged , i pleaded, i did everything possible i can to have that love again because its only your love i lived for. but unfortunately your cold and stoned heart did not melt. i knew your pain was immense but my pain was not less either , the problem is that you never tried to get back to me and i took every possible step to get back to you. now i think it was my mistake , not to love you but to take a step towards you was a mistake.


I wish i had not loved you so much but trust me no man will ever again love you so much as much as i loved you. i had lot of pain accepting it but i accepted it that may be my love was not enough for you , may be i was not good enough for you, may be i fell short in expectations but i was still GOOD enough to be with you through out your life. i was still be good enough to protect you and to feed you and to raise our kids. but you had different plans.

I moved on and i came across number of women right after our breakup but i never told you only because i was committed to you and never wanted to tell you that there is someone else who is trying to take your place. i cried for you only because i saw my honest love fading and i saw you getting cold and cold and stoned. i had sleepless night but i was still alive , i had wet eyes but i had heart beating , i skipped food but i was still strong and had plans to see you and i did , i was so happy to see you again only because this is what i ever wanted. but i left again.


Oh baby ! what a mistake you made and i feel pity for you , you left me and it was your loss and i want to tell you how badly you have suffered and will suffer, you will realize your mistake and you will regret your decision. you left me but i patched my life and heart and took everything in my stride but while all this i had also hide number of things from you. things which i never wanted you to know while my love for you was still alive. it’s one of the biggest mistake in life you have ever committed and you will pay the price for it. i don’t want you to suffer but you will suffer. i am not angry and i am not upset with you but i only want you to realize that what you have done to yourself. 

Yes you moved on too, yes you have another man in your life or may be number of men but it’s not me and i am not them. you were so lucky to have me in your life but i never considered myself unlucky too. i was blessed to have your love but unfortunately you never found my love blissful to you.

it’s ok ! i forgive you for what you have done because you have gone through enough punishment already but there is more to come , but i want you to know that all this while i loved you and i still love you , it’s only my love which can make you escape from the pain you never wanted to bear.